[Resquest] Ban Siege Weapon

Could someone make a mod that only allows “battering ram” as a siege weapon?

I made a mod for U. Name: Remove Range Siege Unit.
Removed: Trebuchet, Scopion, Mangole, Bombard Cannon.
Keep Unique Unit such as: Ballista Elephant, Seige Organ, Seige Ship.
I can change them if U want to remove them.
But i can not keep Mod up to date when game update
U should make ur Mod from my Mod to keep it forever (it is easy to mod too). Future, maybe i should remove mod to save some space. :smiley:

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Thank you very much for fulfilling my request.

Could you make a short video showing how you created this mod? I looked for several tutorials on how to use “AdvancedGenieEditor3” but none of them worked

Tell me where u stuck? Mod publishing is curently unavailable, because server is error now. u must wait dev fix it

  1. login xbox live when u open game AOE 2 DE?
  2. Locate mod folder path?
  3. about AGE3?
  4. test mod?
  5. Mod publishing?

“AdvancedGenieEditor3” I can’t find a tutorial on how to use it. For example, try to modify the mod you created. to ban only catapults. However, I can’t open the mod using the program

1st: U must copy mod “Remove Range Siege Unit” from folder “subscribed” to “local”. All file in folder “subscribed” auto roll back to server version.

click button in circle from top down.
The 3rd circle is "key-value-strings-utf8.txt
The 4th circle is "key-value-modded-strings-utf8.txt
the 5th circle (DRS). this is folder (name is DRS).
then click open.

3th: when AGE3 open, focus “effects” tab, scroll down to 800th effect and modify it.
note Catapult is not real name. Name’s all unit (include Tech upgrade) is at “Techs” tab.

Finality: After u save mod, u only could test on single match (not multiplayer). Then u must public mod to play multiplayer.