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Sorry to disappoint you, but if you want to sell a product you might need to make your potential customers interested.
Good luck selling it “in the dark” with no publicity.


Aside from the campaigns, there is not much that can surprise me, as the gameplay is pretty much Aoe1 I already know

The hype is like the commercial & marketing priority number one for most of product, video games included. And creating hype does not mean that other teams in the dark should stop working…


Yes, I think that so much secrecy harms the hype by the dlc…

Yes, I think another division of civ is coming (as happened with India now) or visiting exotic areas that have not been touched … the only European region that has not yet been revisited is the Balkans… because Western and Eastern Europe already have their respective DLCs…

Sure, it can be more regional dlcs for AoE 2 or more expansions for AoE 1…

Yes, I think there will be dlcs for AoE 1 but only focused on what makes AoE 1…

Yes, it’s what you have to announce something so far in advance and then not show or explain anything about it… if too much hype is built on a product and then does not meet people’s expectations, the hype train derails and can make a product fail (it happened to Cyberpunk 2077 in 2020 and it happened to me with AoE 4 in X019)…

Ok but I am not talking about “too much hype”… Just to give news every 1 or 2 months, nothing exeptional.

Yes, they could make some announcements from time to time…

Well, technically we have the Bulgarians and Byzantines in the Balkans and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Mediterranean dlc at some point with Aragonese and Venetians… Homefully in a very distant future. Right now I want content for Africa, Latin America and Asia.

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The last hyped things i saw in games were utterly shit, so hyping is more harmful than helpful

I have absolutely no idea what you were hyped about, but I doubt the hype was the cause for the state of said game.


hurry up with the dlc man

What we will get is this. AoE DE with many improvements from aoe 2, such as gates, trade carts, market trading and new improvements.

Uploading: image.png…

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36 new achievements added. It’s coming guys!


Exciting news after a long silence!

36, is a number more than I expected.
It doesn’t look like it’s just a new civilization as rumored.
Will AoE1 mode achievements be included?


Right now, AoEDE has 46 achievements, if I have not miscounted.

Normally, a new AoE2 civs gets 5 achievements: Win a game as civ X, tain n unique units of civ X, 2 campaign achievements and complete campaign of civ X. So this leaves 31 achievements for Return of Rome.


Agreed, but the first age in these games has always tended to be the one where you get your economy started and not much more. Which I find disappointing, personally, since I like the whole tribal aesthetics of the Stone and Dark Ages.


I guess 16 of those will be for winning a game with each of the AoE civs.


Let’s hope achievements work better than the last bunch :smiley:

Very likely. I don’t think Return of Rome will have all campaigns of AoEDE since that would be at least 10 achievements more already reserved, which would then leave very little room for general achievements. I think it’s more likely that we get a few, but very high quality campaigns (if we even get any).

So how many days usually between achievements revealed and official announcements?

I just checked for Dawn of the Dukes:

On Reddit, someone posted about 16 new achievements on 6th of July and the trailer released on 5th of August, so one month later.

For Dynasties of India there was more time in-between iirc.