Return of Rome is finally here

ROR release date has been announced finally! May 16th!

Creating another thread dedicated to upcoming ROR DLC as previous thread is too long with mere speculation and expectation. Let’s discuss all the information of the DLC (if we have any 11) here.




Should I get hyped?

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As there are no new informations excpet a date. Thanks for this new thread that will fill be filled with new speculations.


The perfect meme to describe the situation.



Speculation about the release date: will it be a significant date in Rome’s history? The Ides of March, perhaps? Or the day Rome was founded?

Reality of the release date: the day incompetent teenage emperor Elagabalus came to power! I’m sure it’s deliberate.


Great way to frame all of the likely incoming bugs as intentional and thematic.

I’ll be disappointed if this is not what the new Roman campaign is about.


if there is “a lot more coming than previous DLCs”, and more than just a port, do you think we will be seeing more civs from late antiquity?

  • like Western Rome, Armenia, Scythia, Himyar, etc.

Or civs from the AOE 1 era?

  • as shown on the cover, with OG Rome, Egypt, Babylon, etc?

And if it’s the latter, how do you think they’ll implement that?

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Hopefully they add the Etruscans and other italians and update the architecture of the other civs who are improperly given the “Roman architecture” more fitting designs.

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My top pick for an expansion of AOE1 would be barbarians : Celts Germans and Scythians.


I can surely think of emperors that were much worse than Elagabalus. Can’t beat Honorius who cared less about the City of Rome than his pet chickens and killed Stilicho. And I have some very strong words about Elagabalus’ great uncle Septimius Severus…

Dare I say, non-stop “spicy parties” (the censorship strikes again…) wouldn’t be unexpected from a teenager with infinite money and power.

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Scythians I would happily take.


All of AoE1 is already a lot more then any AoE2 DLC/Expansion before so I wouldn’t read to much into it.

Remaking the campaigns with AoE2 standards and features is probably a lot of work especially because a lot of AoE1 missions rely on AI scripting and that is very different in AoE2.


All 16 civs are officially confirmed to be ported.



So almost a month till we know what’s up?

I’d take them over the Palmyrans

Bleh, I care more about the next patch

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Don’t want to break your enthusiasm.
May 16. is the third Tuesday in a Month. That’s Microsoft Patchday.
Except Dinastys of India, all DLC and the Maingame where released on a tuesday.
Server Maintanace is always on a Wednesday.
They got their schedules.

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But, does that still mean it will be a secondary game mode where you can either choose age 1 civs OR age 2 civs in a match? Or does that mean they will both be compatible in a game together?

If they’re compatible in a game together, I don’t see how they’re going to function unless the Age 1 civs have been heavily edited (castles, unique units, etc.). Not to mention having two Persian civs, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. I suppose just having different names could be enough?

I’m excited to see whatever they have planned