'Return of Rome' Teaser! 📽 ⚔


Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Return of Rome Teaser

Pretorian bros, we’re going home!

Sadly DLC is still not listed. Checked the database, but the entry hasn’t been created:

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Ooooh, one new civ and 3 new campaigns. Ave, Optimus Imperator !

The antique Vietnamese would not have been my first choice (I’m French so of course I’m biased toward the Gauls) but it makes sense as I’ve heard AOE1 remains very popular in Vietnam. Similar to why the Koreans were added to The Conquerors, Microsoft told Ensemble Studios to add them as RTS were very popular in South Korea.


Based on what people were speculating, I wasn’t pumped to buy it before seeing at least one campaign being played by some youtuber.

But that trailer got me REAL hyped!

Can’t wait to play the Trajan campaign and I hope they finally won the Vietnamese audience over.

Definitely buying it.

Wait, why is one of the featured videos apparently 100% medieval AOE2 ? (if some AOE1 elements are in it, I didn’t spot them).

Will there be cross-play between Antiquity and the Middle Ages ? Or does the presence of the Legionary unit indicate that they did make a Western Roman civ for medieval AOE2 ?

French too, and I think if they add the Gauls it should be together with other North European civs such as Germans, Dacians, Britons, etc. As I said in another thread, Lac Viet make sense in a dlc with only one new civ, the only other option I see would have been the Maghadis (Mauryas).

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UPDATE: DLC is live, not revealed in Steam Store atm.



Acredito que a campanha de Trajano será do AoE1, prestem atenção no layout que ela aparece.

Edit: Alguns detalhes em azul que são padrão do AoE1.

So AoE 1 on his game mode alone with aoe2 graphics and what for aoe2?

Does anybody know what “D3” game mode actually means?
it’s teased but not explained at all.


Tell me there is a new AOE2 civ, without telling me there is a new AOE2 civ.


No clue.

New 3xD formula- Distract, Divide, Destroy :stuck_out_tongue:

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They list the Romans in the steam page as an AoE2 civ.
The Vietnamese are also added to RoR.

When will we know their bonuses and stuff? Later on the day? I don’t remember from past dlcs

Alright : I don’t think there will be cross-play between Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

You can quickly see the civ bonuses on the civ list. The Chosons still have +80 hp for the legion, the equivalent of the champion. Which is already a big +50% bonus for the default 160 hp but would have been ludicrous for the lower stats of AOE2 units, imagine a +114% bonus hp for the champion…


I saw that later. But they didn’t say anything in the teaser.

Hope Persians get a new campaigns at least

3 New, Fully Voiced Campaigns:

Sargon of Akkad — An unlikely man rises to power in the city-states of Mesopotamia: Sargon is a simple cupbearer to the king, but everything changes when the war goddess Ishtar appears in his dreams. Under her guidance, Sargon leads the quarreling Sumerians into a new age, but the appealing nature of power forces him to choose between his divine destiny and his personal ambition. In this campaign, you will play as the Sumerians.

Pyrrhus of Epirus — As the Wars of the Diadochi saw Alexander the Great’s successors throw the Greek world into chaos, Pyrrhus of Epirus began as a small player among titans. Will he become worthy of the legendary Hannibal Barca’s judgment of him – a renowned general of the age – or will his constant uphill struggle prove insurmountable? In this campaign, you will play as the Macedonians.

Trajan — Marcus Ulpius Trajanus climbed the ranks of the legions while the Emperor Domitian’s tyrannical rule tarnished the Roman Empire’s glory. When circumstance elevates him to the throne as Emperor Trajan, he inherits a realm on the brink of disaster. Will resourcefulness, virtue, and military might be enough to save Rome and lead it to its historical zenith, or will the Roman Empire collapse four centuries before its time? In this campaign, you will play as the Romans.


Just pre-purchased.

Only three more weeks to wait!

I wonder if we’ll get AOM:R this year?


Vou comprar, na expectativa das campanhas do AoE1, mas fiquei decepcionado que não tivemos campanhas para o Aoe2.