REVERT the Unit Saturation/Brightness

Even in AOE3DE they made some changes that I didnt like. It felt a little bit more cartoony than the original AOE3, I think partly because of the reasons tgprogrammer said, the more team colors (like what the duck are those mill propellers) and the lack of texture on team colored surface.

You guys will get used to these colors and if not there is no need to play AoE4 if this is such a big problem for you. There will always be the possibility to continue playing AoE2 or AoE3. I like the saturation because for me the most fun part is multiplayer and I’m happy if the game is visually clearer.

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Everytime someone posts the 2019 screenshots I feel so sad. Look at those gorgeous units! The textures are amazing and the colors are perfect. Knowing that I will never get to play with these fantastic unit models makes me so sad. And for what? Fluo green flat textures? God, what a loss.

I’m also super annoyed with the “competitive” argument. Stop being so blind, this game is not going to be the next SC2. It’s not even going to be the next AoE2. Stop trying to cater to an audience that won’t exist 4 months after launch.

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Maybe you will be able to change the colors like it was in AoE3.

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thats because it IS important to have readability in a strategy game, even casual.


This statement Is not right. As you ask for Low graphic and saturated colore because you wanna play only multiplayer matches i’m asking for better graphic and texture because i would like to play with the best immersion. Your prerogative Is not most important than the other ones.

All of us should have the options to play how they prefer and you could do this with graphic options or a graphic DLC. But you wouldn’t Say to Someone “don’t play It” if you don’t like the colors.


I mean if you want to play Sim City, there’s a game for that. It’s an RTS, not a simulator.


Readability Is not the main prerogative for all players. I Repeat: most of players are looking for campaigns and the graphic Is a fundamental aspects.


This Is not the problem. AOE4 is a 2021 RTS and the graphic doesn’t represent it. AOEO It was a big failure. Would we want see the same for AOE4?

except you wish to click your units, not the enemies. even in campaigns. believe me.

The units of AoE 2 DE and AoE 3 DE are better than AoE 4, there is a small problem …

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yes. There is a small problem which in fact is quite big. The flatness, brightness, and amount of color on units that make them look generic, unnatural, and cartoony. I think I understand better now why some people were comparing those visuals with mobile games.
As those mobiles have small and very limited budget, they usually follow such practices to fill in the gaps in their game and hide the bad bits.

I totally agree, I look at an AoE4 screenshot like this, for example, and it just takes so long to spot every unit:

If the devs read this, can they PLEASE as a minimum provide an option to turn perspective off, so that everything is viewed from the same direction like in AoE2DE, and all units are the same size, whether at the top or bottom of the screen. It should be so easy to provide this option with a modern game engine.


Imo, that looks pretty nice graphics wise. It is a different artstyle than Total War or Manor Lords but I like it.


It’s not too bad, aesthetically, but AoE2DE manages to have more detailed textures on walls and the walls of buildings, at the same time as the units being easier to spot. I understand the desire to have a perspective view like this, but why not let the player have a non-perspective view if they prefer it? I just don’t see why they’d want to force people to stick with AoE2DE if they prefer a non-perspective view, why not just make it a check box option in AoE4?

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Agree! I have a feeling the perspective, curved-earth view will be annoying, just as it was for me in AoE3. I don’t like it when games have such a view

I don’t know what you call AoE2’s… is it orthographic? Either way, AoE2 has it exactly how I’d want it for AoE4

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I prefer player colors being brighter, any readability improvements is a win for an RTS

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i hope that it wil be simply a free camera. Would be nice because then it would fit for anyone.

Since this is a topic on team colors, what we should be asking is not can we change team color saturation for every player.

But it is can we have a team color options like Age of Empires 3 DE. In which every player can change the color and saturation of every players colors. It is only visible for the client player and you can really get any option you want!

Want darker colors and less saturated ones! Go ahead! Want brighter colors go ahead!


The other comments here have put me into thoughts now, whether this is going to be enough. Because in the first trailer the units are also not painted with so much of that player color. They are more subtle and have a certain level of crispness that they now lack.

People can see it easier here I think:

(took this image from someone on social media that was making similar comparisons)