*REVISED* XP building production - cost analysis & discussion

Hello people,

So I’ve been thinking about building XP production (that don’t vary with additions such as livestock, animals or cards) taking as reference the average XP production you get from Trading Posts on a trade route. Using some math, I believe I’ve found a few discrepancies on the XP production for some buildings, specially considering middle/long term opportunity context.

  • TP production> 200 wood - 1 XP/s
  • European Church> 150 wood - 0.7 XP/s
  • Ottoman Church> 150 wood - 0.8 XP/s
  • Mexican Cathedral> 200 wood and 200 coin - 1 XP/s
  • Monastery (Asian civs only)> 225 wood - 0.7 XP/s


  1. Churches cost 25 wood less that doesn’t correlate to their XP value taking TPs as reference. The XP correlation to cost is 0,25 XP less than the theoretical.
  2. Cathedrals are the most expensive building out of the lot, they cost double and produce more XP. The XP correlation to cost is 1 XP less than the theoretical.
  3. Monastery are the second most expensive building, costing 25 wood more than a TP they (arguably) serve as a church and (definitively) as a Saloon.The XP correlation to cost is 0.43 less than the theoretical.


  1. Churches provide you with important bonuses, specially when it comes to training times and mercantilism. You can also send church cards as Euro to have further bonuses. XP generation and wood cost seems fine for the benefits

  2. Cathedrals provide more bonuses than any other civ, it even comes with a passive ability to heal nearby buildings. Most of the ‘‘add on’’ bonuses are improvements to your Padre unit, so perhaps this building is somewhat overpriced considering all of the information. To buff their XP generation seems to a TP seems to be too much, taking into account it’s health and easier to defend nature.

  3. Monastery is a tricky one, their XP generation was included as a mirror to saloon 0.6 coin/s generation. Because only Japan has access to a Church, this limits Asian civs opportunities (since you can’t access that other trickle). Therefore I think that a XP buff to 0.85/s (calculating wood equivalent considering you pay 25% wood equivalent more for church as well) or better alternatives for upgrades** for Japan (but they have access to Euro church and arsenal so probably not) but specially China (almost no one uses disciples because they underperform in many ways) are in order.

Another option for Asians as to not to lose on the 0.6 coin production is to pay 200w for the trickle.

What are your thoughts? Please share opinions keeping it beyond a statement and considering interpretations on the numbers analysis. @gmenyhart

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Where you get the 1.4 Xp rate for trade routes? I’ve seen it quoted as 1.2 xp in other forums

I think @vividlyplain (map designer dev) referred to it once.

Vividly if I’m mistaken please let me know so I incorporate the feedback into my post and edit it accordingly

It’s closer to 1xp/sec on DE. Legacy forums would use 1.2 and that would be more accurate for legacy.

Thanks a lot, will recalculte the numbers later

I adjusted the values, thank you and @vividlyplain for your input.

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