[REVOLUTION GUIDE] Jamaica Secret Revolution

Sup guys, back again after some time and bringing for you a crazy new discovery: The Jamaica Secret Revolution.

To prove my claim, let’s look at their deck.

But I have to investigate further. So let’s see what most of this cards do. Starting With:

Buffalo Soldier

A true contestant of the best Comanchero unit, fighting on arrival, fighting for survival, and a really cool visual.

And now a very needed economic upgrade:

Sacred Plant

Now that’s a revolutionary bonus, and of course, not the only one. The next one is:

Three Little Birds

This is my message to you ou ou:
A good replacement since no revolution got acess to “spies” tech. Now let’s look at some infantry:

The “High” Landers

It’s strange having to ship a card before this one but compreensible. High Damage and high cost (200 food), I think should be the first High Infantry, but abandoned to avoid creating new tags. And to end the new cards:

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Now, that’s a settler card for revolutions that finally fix the creation time problem that i always rant about.

And that’s it, hope you guys enjoy this little secret.


Bit too late for April fools joke don’t you think?


Cannot deny but i couldn’t wait for another year. Was getting paranoid already.


Lemme guess, you need to have Ethiopia as a teammate to activate the Jamaica option? :stuck_out_tongue:


Your High Lander icon should become an unlockable at the next event.