[Revolution Guide] The Secret Patches (Untold updates and more)

Sup guys… This time bringing to you some news, that i swear weren’t in the patch notes, I believe some of them from patches before the last one.

First of all, got to thank the devs for all your work, this game got better with every update. I really think the news in AOE3 more interesting than all the news in AOE2. Even if you makes surprises to us, like some of this guide.

This one will be familiar for some, since i’ll bring some similar images from other updates with some comentary if necessary and some unit updates.

I won’t bring Revolutions that don’t get nothing, so, if it’s not in the guide, then It don’t get an update, or i miss it, please, feel free to point it in the replies.

Starting a Major, that is:

HUNGARY (aside from Granadiers, ROMANIA got the same units)


  • Russian New Crabat: First thing you have noticed is the 2 population in the Crabat… When Konarik said the Argentinian Mounted Granadier used to be affected with theatres card and after paying a little more attention, I noticed the Crabat is now an OUTLAW so I tried to use it to see… and OMG, it was affected and it became usefull as F*@%#. Russia got the best variation here. All the images above, are from the “No rank” state. A shame that Hungary gives Russia a more Food based unit, that we’ll see ahead who. If you shift you economy for a more gold based, you can pretty much work with this.

  • Ottoman New Crabat: Ottomans don’t end up with the same powerhouse as Russia but still impressive nonethless. Ottomans got a better unit that is the Magyar Hussar and trying to mix this one that is also expensive, GOLD EXPENSIVE, will force you to choose only one to focus you economy.

  • German New Crabat: Now, that was a blow to the Germans if you like Hungary, of course. The Old Crabat was a Mercenary and was affected by one specific card, but the new one, is an outlaw so now he is affected by Theatres card, but not by mercenary ones. The good thing, is that the Germans usually are a more Gold Focused civilization, so even having the worst variation, it ends up with the best transition for it. At least the attack keeps the same, with a little speed boost too.


  • Russian Hajduk: Were to start with those guys… They got the same “promotion” feature, but i’m not sure if is only me, but FFS that attack is slow. I like the more unique gameplay design for Hajduk, but now you need at least 2 card for him with all nations available. 18 Range, it’s not bad, maybe the slow animation makes it look like it. I’m not sure it works as a “Anti-anti-infantry” unit since HP and armor isn’t that great and it still outranged, but again, the slow animation almost allow him to be shot 2 times before he does it. Russia only got a better siege damage. Nothing special here.

  • Ottoman Hajduk: Same as Russia and still outmached by the powerfull Magyar Hussar to counter the light infantry with the benefit that it can still counter other units. Again, nothing special.

  • German Hajduk: Well, I believe here, he got his best shot. The speed buff from the church upgrade, makes more usefull than the rest. … … BUT… Germans got the Pandour by default that fills the same role, without even needing to ship anything. I don’t believe promotions are worth it in his case as they don’t give much HP. Maybe if you got some healers, to fully recover a buffed unit.


  • Russian Pandour: This reworked unit, makes a good entrance… not by Russia of course. A good thing we have here, is that Pandour got 20 Range, an important thing that Russia only got by revolt units or by artillery. But as you see in the image, Russia got a better unit with 20 Range that I’ll soon talk about it. Pandour, end up lacking with Russia, worst yet, only good bonuses against skirmishers. Maybe could work with the Crabat. I still believe Russia should keep the Grenzer (revolutionary 16 Range) with the H. Grenadier combo.

  • Ottoman Pandour: I said this before, but… Same as Russia. Nothing significant, and again, outmathed by the Magyar Hussar.

  • German Pandour: The salvation should come sooner or later. And here it is. Pandour is affected by the mercenaries tech making him a powerhouse with the Germans. If you’re up for the speed (cost incrased), you almost have a unit so good as the corsair marksman (barbary states).


  • Russian Grenadier: If you didn’t noticed, i’ll spoil it. HUNGARIAN GRANADIER GOT 20 RANGE SIEGE DAMAGE and a unique new model too, was surprised to see it. Didn’t see that mentioned in the notes. Still, I apreciate a LOT what this unit now became. Russia got a card that gives more Siege damage for all infantry… grenadiers included. Before the patch that Range was 14, so sometimes, when you were… hanging around in the enemy base, some grenadier of the group wouldn’t be in range to attack, making you lose a little but important time. Now, this NEVER happen. All your 30 Gren, will attack with decent positioning. This unit got even more AMAZING.

  • Ottoman Grenadier: Ottomans have the best grenadier variation here. Although card intensive, it ends up the best for fighting units, and now, with the same 20 siege range, makes it more viable to siege too. I only think Russia is better, for needing less cards. And since the magyar hussar is the main powerhouse of the Ottoman Hungary, you WILL fight different with them making little use of H. Grenadier.

  • German Grenadier: Germans don’t got many cards to buff the “fighting” grenadier, but their speed buff, with the 20 siege range, will make them somehow durable in a Hit-and-Run tactic. Tours in the enemy base will always be a hell to defend. But can be hard to get going with german grenadier since you have other strong units more gold based for them.



  • Portugal Cetbang: I was suprised by it, when i was making this images, when i saw that even the Cetbang cannon got better, without being an outlaw unit, and i wondered why. When i saw the Cetbang cannon now has the “GUNPOWDER UNIT” tag on it. Making it affected by other arsenal techs, that tune it a little more, specially in Portugal case, since their team bonus affect exactly this. A pleasant surprise, i’ll try to play indonesia more often now.

  • Dutch Cetbang: Unluckly the Dutch don’t get anything new to help the Cetbang Cannon, neither by the artillery side, or by the gunpowder side. At least is now stronger and the Dutch got other strenghts with Indonesia.

That’s all the Major Changes that i saw. The Minors were justing some very little buffs.
Now, i won’t make a full review like before, since i did in the Revolution guide that I mention the “Heavy Weights” and it’s basically the same.

If you’re curious and want to compare

Let’s see some new ones:

Almost all of them were HP and Attack buffs.


  • 13 HP and 2 (1 germans) attack (+ 1 siege) buff - Not affected by Theatres anymore

  • Theatres card don’t affecting the Granadero, but affecting the hajduk and the Crabat can sound strange since all of them are outlaws. Maybe a needed balance? Not sure, but definetly hurt Argentina. 1 pop M. Granadero was a powerhouse. At least now i think the Gaucho will have a more deserved spotlight, again, available at the revolt start.

  • Jagunço +13 HP and + 1 Attack - Indepence Dragoon … + 1 HP OMG!!!

  • Finally the devs saw my first guide and give a well deserved buff for the Dragoon… + 1 HP. Now that’s a way to asure indepence. Well, crealy Jagunço receives more from those changes, but as you see the Dutch Variation still owns man… omg, almost much HP as the M. Granadero, and costing 1 pop. Well, again, it’s the ONLY thing Brazil have, so, i’m more concerned on why “Dragoon Combat” card from Portugal still don’t affect him.

  • Llanero + 13 HP + 1 attack

  • Nothing to great for the Sons of Bolivar this time. Only more viable. can be even better with Bolivar himself, keep that in mind.

  • Bucaneer + 10 HP + 1 Melee attack - Ranged attack unchanged

  • I believe the devs tried to make him ends with 300 HP. Close, but i like the buff. Maybe in Haiti case even more, since they ONLY HAVE THE PIRATE as a viable unit. It’s the only unit that can retain the ranged attack in the “cover” mode (also the only one who have it). If weren’t for that, any skirm rush would crush Haiti easily. This makes the Bucanner one of the few heavy infantry that can at least endure some punishment from a light one, you know… making their job of being heavy? Although micro-intense with the stances to proper counter (cavalry) or hold (skirms).

  • Bandido + 6 HP + 1 Attack

  • Bandido steal those buffs.

  • Charro/Cuerudo + 9 HP + 1 Melee attack

  • I believe the Mexican (classic) revolutionary got a more reliable buff. A little card heavy, but the cost makes for it. Just don’t get cocky… if I remember well, this version still is classified as a “Ranged Cavalry” AND “Melee cavalry”, so still got countered by skirms, but at least it can counter the counter, and now a little better.

  • Edit: Charro isn’t affected by “cabelleros” card. Still card heavy, but now, you got a discount.

  • Morochuco + 13 HP

  • It still laking power for Portugal, and got more resistance with the Spanish, Bolivar can reach 390 with them. 2 cards… Still think Portugal could allow “Dragoon Combat” for them…

  • Cowboy +12 HP (probably some attack buff too)

  • Only a little HP, all variations were strong except for the swedish one. British variation now looks more on top of the things. Yes, even more than before.

  • Corsair Marksman + 5 HP + 1 Attack

  • This unit makes me do this guide, was playing Ottomans, when i saw the 160 HP, and then “What the samba is this?? it was 155 HP”, even think it was some native buff but no, he was just better… 5 HP, usually isn’t much, but when you have 60% armor, even 1 HP can be troublesome. a little buff specially needed for the Ottoman variation, Thank you again.

  • The only ULTRA MINOR note i think it’s the “improved buildings” that was only advised initially for the Ottomans, it wasn’t in the patches for other civs too.


Glad to be of help to the cause. :saluting_face:
Revolution 2



Nice post bro!
Revolt time


They’ll ban the word “Finland” for 1 month in the forum after the fixes, and rename the Jaeger(unit) to “better skirmisher”, i’m sure of it.

Strange or not, that’s the only point we could give for… FINLAND… omg… but why? Their eco bonus, can potentially be shared unlike anyone else… like the 4 gold mines cart, or the potentially infinite wood, plus, the blockhouse could be used freely from cards different from forts, making possible to fortify allies AND yourself at the same time. It got a fenomenal team potential even with that medic buffs they got “Turku Academy”, a pity they don’t use well most of this… BECAUSE OF THE ECONOMIC UPGRADES THEY DON’T GET!!!

But I believe all revolts got a good time with teams, since unit buffs pre-revolution could be very situational for some allies, and vital for others, like the Russian 10% team cav HP, or dutch infantry HP (all not only ranged), or the economic ones.

What i usually see the most impact is a Fort in your ally base, and it’s possible to do with most of them. In this case, I would give the cake here for revolutionary Mexico, or Argentina (yay) for their units.

  • Mexican Charro, can do 1000 things, with good HP and speed, being a soft counter for both infantry (melee with a card) and cavalry (ranged). Only created in TC, but Insta trained, and got about 100 in revolution.
  • Argentinian Gaucho is available at the rev. start. Also possible to instant train and with only one fort in ally base, suddenly 50 gauchos party. If you have a stable in ally base, same thing. Gaucho being a better unit than Charro and with lots of HP, helps a lot here, but must train more (only gain 10 at the start).

This makes those two give that helping hand easier, and their high speed also makes some awesome surprise attacks, you know… they can BE THERE asap. Yeah, Argentina is number one here, gaucho is a very flexible unit, and don’t need any cards after the revolution. Just stock some food to spam gauchos.

All other Revolts, can potentially get to this point, but those 2 get this right at the start and this don’t let any ally waiting much if needed. I could say Barbary States too, but usually ranged cavalry got less counters at this point of the game, and the barbary warrior (revolutionary) does a better job killing enemy settlers and sieging, than defending allies (coursair marksman does a better job doing this, but need to train and can’t insta, if i remember well)

This could only make Chile a somehow bad team revolt, since melee cavalry must be used with care, SPECIALLY those hussars, and potentially indonesia until mass the cetbang cannon. None of them insta train and too expensive. Not even cheap options to gain time with those two… don’t speak anything about that damn javanese lancer, i’m still trying to forget him. (although, after seeing the power of the barbary warrior, maybe 6 speed javanese?)

Only those F****** dutch Skirmishers. Argentina again, must be the better one here, because the M. Granadier got 50% ranged armor, denying the dmg bonus. Dutch is an anti-revolt civ, got a good answer to everything.

I only think about allies in that reply, but attack wise, there’s no contestant… Barbary States. That backdoor is insane bro… you must try it.

Arg Howitzers work better than M. Granadier spam? The gold cost at that point always drive me away from it.

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Update notes 1.01

A more clean version of what affects it.

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Are you telling me that this %@#%%$ can have this awesome armor?? A pity he don’t have the stats to fight a little more, since 8 attack will be his best by default. But OMG, almost 70% armor. Holy Sh*t.

Someone in the guides have a better view of them than me, but i’m starting to see some potential. A shame it can’t compare with the powerful Barbary Warrior that got 6 speed and villager bonus. I would be too demanding asking for more HP for this guy?


did… did you just discover cover mode… after 16 years


Javanese Spearman was so bad, that i never bother trying to look around on his stats more than the initial deception.

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Hi mvermeio, you can check all the cards that affect a particular unit in my android app. Might be easier to do these researches.