[REVOLUTION GUIDE] The "Heavy Weights" - The Power to beat Imperial Age - Analisys By Revolt

Sup guys, me again and this time analyzing the true monsters of any revolt, THE HEAVY WEIGHTS, the back bone of your revolutionary army. I’ll try to cover everything possible in a single unit, in all its variations. But i won’t cover SOME limitated cards (Like Canadian Highlanders for ex), only units that you can create, in most cases.

First, let’s remember how a Revolt Army works.

You have the “CANNON FODDER” unit, that usually is a revolutionary and a “HEAVY WEIGHT” unit that can be an upgrade (you’ll see all bellow), or a new unit (those ones too). Almost all revolts work by this, with some rare exceptions (like South Africa).

My AOE 3 is in Portuguese, but i’ll translate the best I can. Also, since some civilizations got more than one Heavy, i’ll explain in a more specific way than before. Let’s find some surprises then, starting with:


[Spanish Mounted Granadero] - Our dearest “Hermanos” got a blessing from Spain with this unit. Mounted granadero, even though he don’t have the grenade launcher, he still throws the grenade at the same speed, but his strength don’t come from the attack stat that is somehow weak, but from their numbers. Making a grenade volley with 10 or more can be deadly to any unit, and with the possibility of hit and run tactics because of his speed. Spanish got a little speed and HP buff making this variation the most likely to survive a bad decision. The cost is almost the same as a Gaucho. Be sure to not forget “theates” card like I did to let population cost at 1. Need a card to allow production.

[German Mounted Granadero] - Germans got a good thing here that the Spanish also have… you can open your game with cavalry and naturally transition to Mounted Granaderos. That’s a lot of things that don’t sinergise well with the germans, but the Mounted Granadero here, ends with a little more attack than his Spanish counterpart, and a little more SPEED, making the definitive “HIT AND RUN” master. Trading this for his HP, that is lower than Spanish one.

[Spanish Gaucho] - Now THAT’S the unit you all should be talking about. Let me explain. Gaucho can be made AT THE REVOLT. You guys know how important this is?? If you have a food short supply, and need that little help to regrow the economy, the Gaucho can collect from herdables AT 2 FOOD P/second. Of course, not viable for a full game but DEFINETLY, for that little help to boost your food collection. And since you can create him from start, you can create even more to press at your enemy.
Look at his stats with the Spanish… that’s insane, for his food and POPULATION cost. Really, along with Mexico, i believe Argentina has one of the strongest revolt openings for this unit alone and almost as Tanky as a M. Granadero.

  • Note: You don’t need to ship the “lhamas” card or any equivalent with any outlaw. All of them can create cows.

[German Gaucho] - I barelly talk about Gaucho stats at the Argentinian one but i’ll try more here. Since the cavalry upgrades from Germans don’t affect many units, their Gaucho ends up laking in the HP deppartment, although, with the same attack. I believe the speed buff, is less significant here. Is not like the spanish 7.61 is slow and Gaucho is a more fighting unit than M. Granadero, and 34 HP for an unit that you can Zerg in your enemy, will make it’s weakness clear. Still a strong unit, go for it, but remember that the Spanish one will beat the German one.


[Portuguese Jagunços] - Oh my, oh my… Look at this… Jagunço is a real monster without ANY CARDS… i like that but… really Portugal? Brazil got the weakest stats revolutionary, the “Voluntário da Pátria”, so it really need a powerfull Heavy Weight… Well, they got it, but why the Dutch got a card that affects it, and Portugal don’t?? Remember that “Dragoon Combat” don’t affect him and I really feel that here. As you see, he almost match a Spanish M. Granadero in HP with nothing and costing less population. Jagunço really is THAT STRONG. You need a card to create him, different from Gaucho.

[Dutch Jagunços] If I simp before, this variation takes the cake. This one match a Spanish M. Granadero in HP, and also got 30 attack, even more than a Gaucho. Again, Brazil needs it, since don’t have a strong revolutionary. Jagunço also can collect from herdables. Only one card man. I still don’t believe that Dutch got a better one than Portugal. His multipliers are extremely varied, making only light infantry, a real good counter. He’s tagged as Heavy and light cavalry.

[Portugal Dragoons] - Well… this is what I get for simping too much. At first, it looks natural to go for the independence Dragoon, but let’s talk about how that card affects the Dragoon. The Brazilian Card “Guard of honor”, changes for the “Indepence Dragoon”, that… HAVE A STRONGER MELEE ATTACK!!! WHAT?? You have an unit that it’s focus is to attack from far away… damn… you even got a incrased range with Portugal and there’s nothing here that helps.
Against H. Cavalry? You got bonus on range plus Jagunço makes the same and is cheaper.
Against H. Infantry? It got melee bonus on you plus Jagunço got ranged bonus against it and is cheaper.
Against L. Infrantry? All lines will attack with extra damage before you close the gap.
Against Artilery? Usually is protected, and again, no more mutipliers.
I see absolutely no reason to ship this card, this bonus is useless, and the Jagunço makes the same with a better Price.

[Dutch Dragoons] - … Same as before, but even worse… EVEN WORSE… The Jagunço here became the protagonist. You can arrest me for this, but this Independence Dragoons, are too dependant and still lacking.


[Spanish Hussars of Death] - Chile unlucky got only one unit… and luckily is this one that is available from the revolt start. If you get 50 Hussars at the revolt, all of them got this AMAZING attack bonus plus the guard level not even needing a card to change. 84 attack is a lot even when you realize he’s not dealing any bonus damage. A well time raid it’s 100% lethal to enemy economy. It keeps it high price, and NEED IT… NEED the revolutionary support, since he don’t get any HP buff and even 608 being a good amount, Dragoons can kill it easily so use well. I wish “salitrera” Chile card, gives more gold for Trading Post built. Expensive to keep. I don’t use the “unction” to let the unit clear but can be even stronger with it. 5 Cards pre revolt, but you apply to normal Hussars before, making a natural transition.


[Both Canada] - OOOHHH CANADAAA… How dare you mock me with this beaultifull abominations?? 16 range… 23 - 28 attack. 300 - 396 HP. Those … two… Why it have to be a villager when Canada needs a new unit? That’s my only problem with Canada. It will need to use the Canadian Natives card to backdoor. Remember… villagers, even being the strongest (maybe than some units) are not to be used in front lines, making their buffs somehow useless. If you have to use villagers to fight around revolt time, probably, your base is being destroyed already. GG. Still like their potential though. Should allow the “attack move” for them.


[Portuguese Llanero] - Hohoho, now we’re talking. Look at this beauty. Portugal got an impressive sinergy with colombia even though their musketeer is the main unit in this case, not the Llanero, but still impressive by himself here. You see the difference when “Dragoon Combat” affect an unit? This unit must be shiped to became available to create. With Portugal, Musketeer is the strongest unit with Llanero being the support unit. This Heavy is the weakest of the variations. Only needs 2 cards pre revolt.

[Spanish Llanero] - Another lucky boy. Colombia got something amazing from everyone and with the Spanish is no different. Maybe here is the definitive version since his attack is the strongest of all… Again costing only 120 food, 1 population, and can collect from herdables. The difference from the portuguese revolt here, is that the Llanero is the Spanish main unit with Colombia, and the musketeer is the support one as he ends with 3.2 speed. It’s a cool dinamic. Costly, 5 cards pre revolt.

[German Llanero] - OMG… i’m so proud and i’m not even from Colombia. Another powerfull Llanero. The cool thing is that here the Germans cavalry cards apply to Llanero. Making it on par with the Spanish Variation. Not sure the 10% speed bonus is so usefull here but even without it, it’s extremelly powerfull. Their musketeer isn’t that strong, but you don’t have a choice. At this point, you’ll need to convert your economy to a more food based. Costly, 5 cards pre revolt.


Ottoman Nizam - I want to see you guys talking about wich one is better, Ottoman or British variation with other units like the revolutionaries. From the Ottoman side, you have a perfect natural transition from the Janizaries since they’re upgraded with the same cards and end up even cheaper than a musketeer. Ottomans don’t have to pay with their speed too, but both of them, must be created from forts AFTER a shipment.

  • Note: If you have trouble using the Nizam, only select them, and press T to put them in “Stand Ground” stance, that gives them 20 RANGE. You must train the others, but using this one will outrange most units.

[British Nizam] - Nizam is strong here too with even more HP. Although with less in almost everything else. The British end up with significant more support than Ottomans, since their revolutionary can be a meat shield for Nizams. Setting him in the Stand Ground, will let Nizam face skirmishers at a fair level, since both got 20 Range. British variation can take one more shot for sure.

[Ottoman Mameluke] - I wouldn’t analyse mercs, but here, you always got one with shipments, and can train, so this is a special case. Mameluke can be the perfect meat shield for Nizams with it high HP and range resist. His low attack won’t help in most situations. At least one card is needed for this variation. Costly to make, and need 4 population. To expensive to keep creating.

[British Mameluke] - Wrap a cannon in his shield and make him the “Mark-1”. Without this adaptations, the British variations ends up having even more HP and still an insignificant attack. Although the most powerfull yet, it cost 400 gold and 3 cards to make the best possible, and remember that Egypt is more infantry oriented.

[Ottoman Stradiot] - Ottomans ended up with another cavalry possible, the Stradiot. Besides having an amazing attack, they don’t got a free one like the Mameluke. The purpose of this unit is to be the attack variant for Egypt, but it lacks the power to do so. Nizam will carry this one, sorry bro.

[British Stradiot] - What British lack for the Mameluke in a more practical way, they got it back here. If you choose to go the cavalry way, Stradiot, being cheaper, and costing 3 population only, can make more damage with the British, since you can have more numbers, and more cards upgrading it.


[French Pirate] - Haiti being only available to the French makes a funny move here. Makes them have a Heavy infantry focus. Although having only 2 cards that affect the Pirate and NEEDING one card from Haiti Itself, the end result impress me. The thing is that his RANGED attack is a Skirmisher one… even with the cavalry debuf, but his MELEE attack is a Heavy Infantry one with the cavalry buff… making him the MOST COMPLETE UNIT BY FAR in the game. I even stop doing Revolutionaries with Haiti. You can focus 100% of your economy on gold since Pirate can be trained at the start of the revolution, and you still got free ones periodicaly after a short period of time from your TC.
Another funny thing… I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not, but when you enter the “Cover Mode”, your Ranged attack is not halved. If this is a bug, let it be please (Haiti don’t got another unit type, only Heavy Infantry, so woul be easy to counter). It’s awesome when you aproach with the normal speed, and became slow to get a 50% Ranged protection.

  • “But this don’t make him OP, since he got cavalry melee bonus?”

That’s the thing… when they’re in this ranged resist mode, their Ranged attack is not affect, but their melee attack is. Even with the multipliers it’s still weak, and if they go to a “full melee” to properly counter cavalry, they don’t get the ranged resist anymore. (Looks at the multipliers in the image)
I believe that is the most advanced unit to use in the game for this. I loved it, you guys must try it.


[Portuguese Cetbang Cannon] - Indonesia is… a peculiar revolt case. A goofy revolutionary and the ones who get a cheap siege weapon. Cetbang cannon is amazing for it’s simplicity, low population and resource cost, and could even kite some infantry, but it’s not it’s speed that is his strenght, but his ROF… 3 is the same as a musket infantry… THE SAME AS A MUSKET INFANTRY!! With the right protection, you have a 26 range “musketeer” in your hands. Amazing thing. Portugal variation only get more HP.

[Dutch Cetbang Cannon] - Well, Portugal must win sometimes. The Dutch got others benefits for Indonesia, but their main weapons isn’t one of them. Since artilery is to be protected, maybe Dutchs makes a better working defending the cannon with other units than with its own resistance.


[Spanish Bandido] - He was good before, and with the reworks this revolutionary variant of the bandido got affected by the news cards. Mexico is a funny one too, since their revolutionary (Charro) ends with more HP than his “Heavy Weight” Unit. Bandido got an AMAZING cost of 90 food, shoots at 1.5 ROF, faster than some similar units (the Hajduk more precisely), and with a special dynamite attack.
OMG, his crimes are forgiven, you can’t go wrong with revolutionary Mexico. Only 3 cards to have this version… the problem can be a “complete” revolution since Charro needs 4 additional cards making Mexico very expensive to work properly.


[Portugal Morochuco] - This variation is the last nail the Portugal-Peru relations. The “Dragoon Combat” don’t affect this unit making the default stats the best possible for Portugal and that is not a good thing. Another problem with the unit is that bonus damage on heroes… why?? When was the last time a Hero gave you trouble? I don’t remember even the first. Still work as a cheap Dragoon, but it’s the worst possible revolt outlaw for portugal.

[Spanish Morochuco] - Now the Spanish are here to save the day and morochuco got some nice upgrades (got anything at least). 1 cavalary card make this unit a “Default” by my standards when it comes to comanchero variations. Another good thing is that Peru is somehow a cheap revolt. 2 cards for Morochuco, and 3 for the revolutionary. This variation it’s on par with the other outlaw variant in this guide. Peru can only work with the Spanish.


[Ottoman and Russian Hajduk] - Since they got only one difference i’ll cover both in one topic. Hajduk is an unit that can fill the gap for the skirmisher role for the Ottoman and replace the short ranged strelet for the Russians. I really dislike his cost… as you see before in Mexico, the bandido, for 90 food (easier to collect), makes more, attack faster, and got 2 more range. You could argue the 3 cards price for the bandido, but the end result, disapoint with the Romanians. Gold is slower to collect and you get a worse unit than it’s mexican counterpart. Solid stats though, only cost more than i believe its fair, if cost 90 food too, could combo perfectly with the next unit.

[Russian Valachian Mounted Archers] - Hero too… You see… that’s a way to aliviate the sanctions. V.M. Archers with Russia got tons of health and even when you pay 33% for the 1 Rate of Fire, it still tanky. Remember that Russia got a Royal Guard upgrade, that makes it even stronger. But what shines here is the 1 ROF. OMG, even some counters suffer to take this unit out for how much it attack before each enemy shot. I can’t simp enough for this unit. With the right upgrades, could be one of the strongest in this list. Alone it saves Romania from Dorobant.

[Ottoman V.M.Archers] - The Ottoman variation don’t deserve the complete name to be written. Although still a powerfull unit, it lacks the 50HP that Russia got. One cool diference, is that the Ottoman variation can get a bonus damage against villagers. This could make a good debate about who kill villagers better… The Barbary Warriors (barbary states), the Death Hussar (Chile), or this one.

HUNGARY (omg… 5)

[Ottoman Magyar Hussar] - Hungary got too many options ffs… well, starting with the most practical one. The stats of this unit speaks for itself. 2 population and got almost 1000 HP, it could reach via some allies. But we’re looking at it alone unluckly, and the Ottomans, got an AMAZING variation that get a 320 HP bonus and a free upgrade (if not guard during revolt), barely using cards, and of course, the most important detail of all… THEY CAN KEEP MAKING IT. I would argue that even some counters struggle to deal with it. Remember that this unit will be the front line for Grenzer, the best revolutionary. No doubt, Hungary, is the definitive revolt for the Ottomans.

[Russia Magyars] - Let’s be fair at least, Russia can’t create, but can pay for them in the church Special technology, AND YOU MUST GET IT, if you want the Hussars because its the only way to upgrade them with Russia. After this tech, you will rely in the Hungarian card to ship one by each blockhouse you have. I don’t believe it’s worth the investment. Too many cards to get a limited although the most tanky of all. Worth a shot if you plan to make Crabats (cavalry possible to create)

[Germans Magyars] - Again, you must use some tricks to get some. Be sure to have the card to ship 10, and upgrade them (important). Even worse than Russia case, since here, you don’t get all that HP, only having an speed advantage, and need to ship the units before the revolt. The worst trade of all.

[All Hajduks] - They got almost no difference from one to another, and i covered them already in Romania. It’s the exact same unit, with the same cost, ROF, and 2 less Range than it’s counterparts. Germans got a faster variation, but making an expensive unit, even more costly. Really, someone buff this mustache.

[Russian Crabat] - The tankiest of all and maybe a good reason to invest in the Hussars before. After the Hussar push, you can change your focus to this unit instead if you choose a cavalry focus. Can only be a problem economy wise, since if you choose to mix with Grenzer, you have to adapt your economy, to make good food and gold incomes.

[Ottoman Crabat] - Little to say here, it’s the weakest variation, and if you want cavalry, you have the already powerfull Magyar Hussar, that is cheaper than this, got more HP, and you can make a more stable economy, since Grenzer cost only food. Not needed.

[German Crabat] - Well, the Germans need something right? Crabat here, ends being a viable option for them. But their population heavy cost, and Pandour also costing more than 1 population, will make the germans with a strong but limited army. Definetly can work, maybe better with Hajduk (cheaper).

[Russia and Ottoman Pandour] - OMG, finally the last troops. Russia and the Ottomans got the same, with Russia having a siege bonus. Pandour is a solid unit by itself, but expensive, and with some problems to mix in their armies more food oriented. There’s better unit for them, but you won’t go wrong if choose to make some.

[Germans Pandours] - And their special unit for Hungary. Here, it got a significant HP buff with them, and you can also make them be faster. Again, trading for more gold, and they’re expensive already… At least the Germans have the power to make the economy strong enough to pay for them.

[Russian Granadiers] - Russia Special unit for Hungary. It ends the default Russian granadier with more Range, 20. Russia only got a card that incrase the Heavy Infantry SIEGE damage, and granadier is affected, making a powerhouse, that you reach fast with at most 2 cards (1, if only the siege damage is needed).

[Ottoman Granadiers] - When I told you that Hungary is the definitive Revolt for the Ottomans, I mean it, Ottomans got a powerfull granadier, and here, it end the tankiest, with the best attack against units. I believe that here the incrased range makes more of a difference.

[German Granadiers] - Incrased cost is never a good thing, but maybe with the germans you have a good option that even Russia don’t. A faster raid at enemy base. 5.2 makes them flee from infantry easily, or kite it, why not. So you force your enemy to use cavalry to chase you. A bad trade, but got more use here. (finally)


[Portuguese Corsair Marksman] - Another skirmisher “Heavy Weight” unit. First, let’s look at the unit, to see it’s strenghts. HE GOT 60 F#%@#$ RANGED ARMOR!! This by itself would be amazing, but when you see the 6 Speed… OMG. It’s harder even to some cavalry to catch this unit. His attack is not so good as the cassador, but not so weak to be ignored. Portugal can give him a HP buff, and in this case it’s important, since other skirmisher variants (Mexico and Romania) got 170 HP easily. Good thing it cost the same as a cassador.

[Ottoman Corsair Marksman] - But the ottomans don’t get so lucky with him. It’s not a breaking weakness, but ends the most fragile unit on this list… remember that can be attacked by cavalry, and if not microed correclty, you lose those faster. Although, I believe that the Ottomans got a better unit for it’s army. Since their abus is expensive as hell and the corsair marksman cost almost the same as a Janizary, making easy to set the economy for both. A shame that don’t get a good HP like the Portuguese variation.


[British Cowboy] - Almost 400 HP, and you can make a natural transition from a cavalry focus. It’s by far the best variation. You must ship the cowboy from a card, what can delay his glorious entrance. But when enters the game, it’s over. A cheap price for its power, low population cost. Only real problem the british face is, if you try to mix the unit with the revolutionary best version too, that will cost 3 more cards to ship. But once it’s done, you win.

[French / Dutch Cowboy] - They only got 1 card that affects the cowboy, but the end result, make a solid unit by itself. Even 1 card makes a good variant, the “default” in this case. But will make it’s presence noted. French and Dutch, got some cheap options for Revolts. 1 card for Cowboy, and 2 for the revolutionary.

[Swedish Cowboy] - … Send this in the next deportation. The swedes got a bad variation here since got no additional HP, nor attack, but +1 Range and more Speed. + 1 range, really don’t help here. Looks good at first, but cowboy attack with a little delay, so a cavalry closes the gap faster to retaliate, and infantry HAVE the time to retaliate, a thing it should not be possible… well, to be fair, the other variants have the same problem, but they got the HP to endure some punishment, and the attack to stop the punishment.


That “unit” will surprise you.

[Russian Blockhouses] - Most revolts have acess to a Fort Spam, but Finland got an alternative, a BLOCKHOUSE SPAM. The blockhouse limit for them is REMOVED. REMOVED BRO… You could build in the entire map if you have resources. For this they have a card that give infinite wood, also a 5 Blockhouse wagons cards. Karelian Jaeger, even being a dork, he can build the fortifications, making the only spamable building, that can be shipped AND build. Finland works best with Russia, 5.3k HP it’s a monster, and if you take 5 in account, you would have to take 25k HP to nulify this card. A Fort got at best 19k HP. "Sevastopol"Card is important here, build all of this faster makes a piece of cake secure locations. Finland got the game bro, just its economy don’t follow.

[Swedish Blockhouses] - Nothing much more to say, Swedes ends up with a weaker Blockhouse, but still makes the job. As you see it’s not a Russian one, and the lack of a “Sevastopol” equivalent, makes it worse to secure areas. Karelian Jaeger don’t help much here.


All Revolutions have a card that can ship a fort INFINITE TIMES (except Finland as seen before). And this makes a tough challenge even to imperial civilizations. A fort can take an eternity to destroy and force your enemy to make obus, at the cost of a fighting force (4 population). You must use this to dominate an area and pressure. Being there will be enough. Almost all nations got those 2 cards, only remember that if you have to choose only one, take the “improved buildings” one to get 40% more.


For South Africa, available for the British and the Dutch, is more a hint than anything, since they don’t have any special units, only an universal Buff.
This buff is better used in cavalry because the % additional Life, is based on your default HP, not in the max, so a Hussar will always get 16HP more and a Musketeer, always 7 more. In the long run, cavalry will get more benefits for this.
OMG, can’t believe i finished. Hope you guys enjoyed as much as I did. I hope we got an easy revolution option one day.


Ok, eso me dio gracia :laughing:

PD: El granadero montado con la tarjeta de teatros pueden vale solo 1 de población.

Mi mecánica favorita son las revoluciones, sinceramente espero que esta guía ayude a que mas personas se animen a utilizarlas. :smile:

Pregunta, ¿harás uno con las revoluciones de los incas y los mexicanos?, independiente mente de cual sea la respuesta, gracias por la información. :smile:


Joder colega menudo trabajo, te has rifado un montón con esto, y esta es otra de las razones por que me gusta mas el age 3, la variedad de cosas que puedes hacer en una sola partida xd


Wow en serio?? Esto llevaría la unidad a otro nivel.

Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de leer bro, pero no creo que haga el inca… es el que transforma a los militares? Aún no compro el DLC de México. Quizás, la próxima será la “recuperación económica por revolución”.

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Si, Argentina puede recuperar parte de su esencia original gracias a la tarjeta de Teatros.

A continuación dejo la evidencia:

1)Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de escribirlo, me pareció una lectura entretenida. :smile:
2)Si, los Incas y los Aztecas tienen esas raras revoluciones. (a mi no me gustan, me parecen flojas)
3)Imagino que la revolución Argentina tendrá la ventaja gracias a virreinato y las vacas. :laughing:


Love the analysis. Revolution has always been my favourite mechanic, nice to see someone put the time into showing it all off. I wonder what new ones we might end up getting…


Italian revolutions
Argentina, Brazil, United States and Barbary States.

Malta Revolutions
Barbary States and hungary.

Hungary? That makes no sense.

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(21/06/2022) Currently the theater card does not affect the mounted grenadier. :sob:


PS: The developers should allow you to edit these guides no matter how much time passes.


Theater Card: “No llores por mi Argentina”

If they removed the “outlaw” tag, it will be a massive blow.


We need a option in the game to set the last age to Revolution.

Thx u for this great guide!!! MVermeio



That would be a good reason to cry. :sob:

:pray: I hope that at least the developers improve the revolutions that need a buff for example Chile and Finland.