Reworked Egypt revolt deck

Egypt: Every shipment delivers an extra Mameluke. Settlers become Khevite Fusiliers.

Units: Mameluke, Khevite Fusilier, Bashibozuk,

Mameluke: same as is now.

Khevite Fusilier: same as is now.

Bashibozuk: same as is now.


Flood of the Nile,

Suez Canal,

State Monopolies (new): increases the effectiveness of factories and trading posts. Reduces settlers gather rate from natural resources.

Economic Reforms (new): costs 1000c; ships 1 Factory Wagon and increases your build limit by 1.

Cotton (new): increases factories coin production.

Inf 16 Khevite Fusiliers,

Inf 1 Fort Wagon (removed),

Inf Egyptian Fleet,

Inf 2 Horse Artillery,

Egyptian Army Reform (changed): cost 1500c, 1500w; Khevite Fusilers become slower and lose their range multiplier vs cav but have their range, ranged damage and HP increased. (-20% speed, -2x vs. cav, +2 range, +100% ranged damage, +40% HP), and they gain siege armor (10%). Cost changed to 50f, 50c.

Inf 4 Stradiots,

Hire Gatling Camels (removed),

Hire Askaris,

Hire Sennar Horsemen,

15 Sudanese Allies,

Libyan Campaign (new): costs 1000c, 2 shipments; ships 15 Bashibozuk, 10 guard Janissaries, and 16 Khevite Fusiliers.

Albanian Support (new): ships 15 Bashibozuk, and makes them only lose 25% hp.

Sudanese Regiments (new): enables Askari in the barracks for a cheaper cost.


That unit should be renamed whenever possible.
It should be called “Khedivite”, not Khevite.

Yes. As we long pointed out, “Khevite” is just a bizzare non sequitur “abbreviation”.

The polity’s ruler was a Khedive. The state was a Khedivate.

In the above post, I suggested correcting the name to “Khedivate Fusilier”, but that’s not quite right, either.

The period-correct adjective for “of the Khedivate” is Khedivial.


Category:American people in the khedivial Egyptian Army

Khedivial Opera House

no more revolts, leave as it is

Egypt needs a new unit to complement Khevite / Khedivite fusilier…

Stradiot and Mameluke are TOO EXPENSIVE to be viable, not good for a revolutionary main unit. The dutch upgrade for stradiots end stronger in age 4… without any revolution.

Maybe an upgrade for abus, or for the cavalry… Egypt I think it’s the only lacking revolution now.

Did you read my changes?

Askaris being the “new” unit for training??
hmm… i don’t think would be a good idea…

Khevite is a Heavy Infantry and so is Askaris… I think it wouldn’t complement very well…
Maybe allowing Gattling camels instead would be a more varied choice?

Egypt is so gold intensive but don’t pay off very well…

Yea that’s why I gave an extra factory and coin buffs. I could add something to make the fusiliers fairly good s artillery and then they’d be a fun pairing with mams.

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