Reworking Germany for better historical representation

Slavic units, other architecture, etc.

Austrians are Catholics, Germans are Protestants (mostly) - this is one of the factors influencing culture. In addition, the Germans were the majority in the united Germany. Austrians were dominated by Slavs. Germany is too diverse to be limited to one civilization - all the more badly structured. The Germans should be divided into: Prussians, Swiss and Austrians (Bavarians and Westphalians possible).


God, don’t give the Austrians the Polish and Italian units.

Let Poles and Italians have their own civilization. The Austrians should have the following units: Czech, Croatian, Bosnian and Hungarian (a full range of nationalities - similarly only to Poles).

Well I included them only because winged hussards helped at the battle of Vienna (so not as an entrainable unit), and if I’m not wrong Italia was in part under authority of Austria during a long time, so why not ?
But I completely agree for polish and italians civs.

When it comes to Poles, they were never willing to serve in the armies of the invaders :wink:
Winged hussars should only be with Poles - this is their national treasure and showcase :slight_smile:

No need really, the current germans are easily made into a more HRE civ by replacing the AI leaderhead, capital city name and renaming the Prussian needlegunner into just needlegunner.

Prussia is not in the game. They should be though.

Probably meant to represent the Polish who came to the rescue of Vienna in 1683. Which is yet another reference to the Austrian Habsburgs in the German civ.

Italy was a European battlefield for a long time. The rulership of Italian city states changed many times during the time period. Italy was sometimes partly under Austrian, French, Spanish, Vatican and many other’s control.

Well the need is another civilisation, and it can’t be denied Austria once was an independant nation.

Sure. I think it’s because of the flag, I always thought the civ in the first game was called Prussia and not Germany…

Yeah, but the history with Austria is, i believe, far more important in minds than french or spanish occupations, and Vatican that is another story…

We don’t “NEED” another civ, we “want” another civ :stuck_out_tongue:
ofc Austria was an indepentent nation, but it also was the ruling nation for most of the HRE’s excistence.

Yeah that old flag was some kind of deformed Prussian flag, when looking at the germans in the OG game at a glance youd say it was Prussia due to the flag, leader and home city. But looking closer that was basically almost all Prussian references in the civ, better remove those and add a proper Prussian civ.

Italy was a battlefield, especially Naples was much contested by the French, Spanish and Austrians.

Austrian were dominated by Germans. Later Austria-Hungary was divided into “half” dominated by Germans and “half” dominated by Hungarians.

To be clear: Austrians were and still are Germans. Only by curious ways of history they became independent state.

Btw. what are Slavic units? Austrian fusiliers were Austrian, Bohemian and Hungarian alltogether. They did not have any specific or coat of arms :slight_smile:

National composition of the Austro-Hungarian Empire:

  • Germany 24%

  • Hungarians 20%

  • Czechs 13%

  • Poles 10%

  • Ruthenians / Ukrainians 8%

  • Romanians 6%

  • Croats 5%

  • Slovaks 4%

  • Serbs 4%

  • Slovenes 3%

  • Italians 3%

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Thats year 1911 with Croats, Serbs… And at that time speaking about Slav dominatios is exaggerated. Almost all important positions were occupied either by Germans or Hungarians.
What is the Slavic architecture? :slight_smile:

Look at this map:

I would like this civilization to be remodeled, or even divided correctly.
Many good ideas on this topic and obviously many people interested.

Fulfilling a reasonable request from several “customers” should be considered.

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Read on

This is not an ethnic map … Only political (I will skip the fact that it is so strange).

Read about Austria Hungary:

Mainly Germany - wow. What’s strange about the fact that the Germans had power since it was their country? Slavic units did exist in the Habsburg army.

Slavic culture is interesting and rich, but unfortunately it is overlooked by the West.

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AoE3 and also AoE2 run into the problem that very big diverse areas are portrait as one civilisation in the game.
The Germans like the Teutones in AoE2 are one case but the worst one is probably India, it’s a very diverse region with a lot of different cultures and religions over the ages. It’s essentially a continent in itself and so is in some ways China too.
Economy wise and population wise China was for most of history bigger as all of Europe combined.

But I’m definitely in for Prussia as a new playable civilisation in the game.

Poland is still missing from all AoE games though.

Which doesnt have to be a problem in this case thanks too the existence of the HRE

India and China are an even bigger mess than Germany in this game ;p

AOE3 DE: thirty years war pack. containing Poland, Prussia and Denmark.
3 civs for the first DLC and a German rework sounds good to me :wink:

Age of Empires III: The Spring of Nations: Finns, Hungarians, Romanians + more European civs (Austrians, Poles, Danish, Swiss, Italians, Serbs - my favour)

I don’t know if so many new civs is a reasonable expectation, AOE2 got 2 in its latest DLC and those civs are a lot less unique than AOE3 ones.
Also half the civs you mentioned are currently in game as revolution options and not really large players in the European theater in the games time period.
I can see Italians being added though, since it was mentioned they were originally planned. I can also see them making as much of a mess of them as they did with Germany XD

Yes, I got it. However, did you say Austrians should have Slavic architecture? Or I dont understand, sorry.

Yes, its political, but you can overlay it with that ethnic map.

Sorry, I dont. Since I live in Bohemia I am pretty confident what I can say about Austra-Hungary. :slight_smile:

Dont be sarcastic. You said Austria was dominated by Slavs. So I am telling you it is wrong :slight_smile: And can you name the Slavic units? Because I dont know about them and I would be surprised to see such units.

For a European Extension all European building sets would need a rework because it would look wrong having colonial looking buildings on European maps.

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At the very beginning, I didn’t mean that the Austrians should have Slavic architecture. They should have their own - Austrians architecture.

So you know perfectly well that it was a multinational state.

Dominated by Slavs and not only (especially Hungarians) in the number of people.

Good. But these fighter could be represented by skirmisher line of infantry. I thought you mean something unique like war wagons in AoE3.

Nevertheless, thx I did not know about these soldiers of Slavic origin.