Reworking Germany for better historical representation

War Wagons is the most interesting unit in the game - the most unusual.
It is difficult to determine which civilization is most appropriate. In the game, the Germans represent HRE (the Czechs were part of it), if it changes (Germans to Prussians), it is better to give the war wagons to the Austrians (Habsburgs).

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Personally, I think if the current Germany (HRE) doesn’t fit you can:

  • Give the present flag and war wagons to the Austrians (Habsburgs)
  • Make a new flag
  • Jaeger is the new Germans unique units (in place of war wagons)

New flag for Germans civ.

That flag seems like a really poor choice considering the time period of AOE3. It’s way to modern, it would be more at home in a game that has the german unification era and continues through WW1. In a game where “germans” build crossbows and pikes this flag is way out of place.
As stated before, an Austrian civ is equally unlikely considering they are such a large part of the HRE which the Germany ingame represents.
We’d better focus our attention to the few Prussian remnants in the civ and placing them in a new Prussian civ. Which is way more of a different nation to the current germans than the Austrians are.

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Why does so many peole have problem with this? It is just a design thing. Unless you want to completely change the civ gameplay, but that would be a pity to change such a well-working and balanced civ.

But if its such a problem, here is the solution.:

Just rename ‘Germans’ to ‘HRE’ / ‘Holy Roman Empire’ - BAM, Solved

HRE was mainly composed of german “states”, but it did contain Bohemia nad Poland - Solves the Uhlan, Hussar and War Wagon “issue”
HRE was dissolved in 1806 so it fits into time period of the game as well

I believe the first time this civ was created, it was actually conceptualised as HRE. But since all other civs were called after its people (Ottoman, not Otto. Empire, Portuguese, not Portugal,…) They just named it ‘Germans’ for the sake of consistency. And since it was ‘Germans’ some knob slapped Prussian falg on it. Now we got HRE flag.

So just rename it. Who says the civ must be called after its people? Its just a changeable text. And if someone suggests ‘Romans’, then degenerates like you belong on a cross.

Completely true.

The problem is not with the name Germans, I actually consider that a elegant solution. HRE is such a mouthfull :stuck_out_tongue:
The most important things to change are basically Frederick as the AI leader who is completly out of place in an HRE themed Germany. And the capital city name of Berlin, which works as a Prussian capital but not for the HRE. Prussian needle gunners can just drop the Prussian part and be fine.
The only thing that is harder to change is the Uhlan, they are an important part of the civ in gameplay but horrendously out of place historically.

I would like to know from any developer, whether the possibility of reworking German civilization is being considered.
Could any developer comment?

Choose a country that performed well in the maritime age.
But an entire era is very long, so the so-called country is actually a complex of civilizations that have gone through many periods, and the most famous leaders are selected.

Take China for example.
It is actually a combination of the Ming Dynasty (明) and the Qing Dynasty (清). One Han and the other Manchus form the country. Two periods

If you want to remodel and gain historicity, then please give the old civilization a place to go