Reworking the Feitoria

So, in my opinion the Feitoria is just a non redeemable concept. It just allows you to hold on longer on maps, and in settings where ressources actually can run out, which then leads to stupid situations, where one player wins, simply because the map makes it hard to push (i.e. Islands). I dont think on any other map the Feitoria is actually ever a viable option.
So I propose a complete rework of the building:

Make it a kind of fortified town center instead. It can produce villagers, and ressources can be dropped of at it.
For the start I propose to keep cost and stats as it is, but remove the required popspace. So the stats for the Feitoria would be the following (In brackets written potential changes, if it proofs to be not useful with the non bracket stats)
So Feitoria as I propose:
250G(500 wood)
250S(200 Stone)
Hitpoints: 5200
Melee armor: 3
Pierce armor: 10
(Building armor: 8, like Krepost)

Create Villagers in 25 seconds (20 seconds)
Has Garrisson space of 20(25) and can shoot when garrissoned (fletching, botkin etc. increase its range)
Every ressource dropped of at the Feitoria is multiplied by 1.1(1.2) instead. So basically this is a 10%(20%) gather rate buff, combined with a 10%(20%) longer lasting ressource buff for any villager that drops of ressources at the feitoria.
(can create the unique unit)
(can research unique technologies)

I think the most likely needed adjustments would either be the cost, or the ressource multiplication factor, but if one of them gets the better version I think the new Feitoria would be pretty useful. It would give you a much easier way to expend safely in the late game, making it very hard to raid that eco, and it gives you an eco bonus, that especially when build on stone or gold gives you back those extra ressources you spent on the building in the long run. Lets say you have the upfront investment of 250g and 250 stone, and you build it on a neutral three tile gold mine, it would give you back at least 240g with the factor 1.1 and 480 gold with the factor 1.2. So it would be an upfront investment, but one that doesnt necessarily decrease the complete gold available to you.

In addition, to this making much more sense from a gameplay perspective, it also makes much more sense historically. Now the Feitoria, becoming a fortified outpost in the colonies of your empire, far away from your homeland, instead of a ressource generating machine that is at the center of your empire, somehow generating profit without any valuable ressources around it.

Fetoria seems fine as it is. They are a huge investment to make, so in that time window you can really push against the player building the Fetoria and potentially kill them off. Given that this building costs stone, the player building it will not be able to build as many castles (at least for the time being), so overall they should have worse eco, and worse defenses. It takes a really significant amount of time for the Fetoria to ‘win’ the game for you, and if you can hold on for that long, I say the win is well deserved.


Yeah, the building isn’t op. It is stupid.
It is only used, if there is a realistic chance that you run out of all 4 ressources on the map. Isn’t that pretty useless, and also not fun at all to play against, or even play with?

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I am fine with it. It’s fun to play with it. And can come in very clutch on certain megarandom maps where some resource might be rare on the map. It’s also fun to play against, because it adds a new element into the game. Can’t just grind it out, gotta really push through.

Solution to Feitoria: Gold and Stone income depending on Market prices. The higher food/wood prices arem the more gold is generated, and the higher stone price is, the less stone is generated.

Allows also to make FImp feitoria to have even higher Gold income at first.

Feitorias should not be a part of the game. No other civs (at least until Burgundians appeared) could generate gold. No other civ can generate wood. The two often decide long games… And there are maps where its very easy to get to post imp, such as (Team) Islands.

Aztec relic bonus shouldn’t be part of the game. no other civ gets extra gold from relics.
Spanish trade bonus shouldn’t be part of the game. no other civ gets extra gold from trade.
Burmese/Vikings/franks/Malians shouldn’t get free eco upgrades, no other civ gets there eco upgrades for free.
Lithuanian relic bonus shouldn’t be part of the game, no other civ gets attack bonus from relics.

see where i’m going with this? Feitorias don’t even pay off most of the time and aren’t even all that good.
Burgundians literally generate extra gold from farms at so low a rate that you get maybe 1 relics worth in the late game, and the civs win rate is terrible.

be honest now - how often are games with Portuguese actually going to the super late game where the presence of feitoria wins them the game?

on islands frequently. and in what other situations they are never built. the design just doesnt fit into the game very well. not because its different, but because games that run out of ressources are rare and annoying either way

so on a map played less then 3% of the time portuguese get an advantage. guess we better nerf arabia and add more woodlines so its not too open and favoring cavalry…

exactly, so its clearly not impacting the game too much. should we nerf aztec relic bonus? what about spanish trade bonus? what about civs that have insane economic advantages, should we nerf those for having too much an advantage? what about civs that have too much of a military advantage, should we nerf them?

that what portuguese doesnt have in the early is kinda balanced out by a building that is rarely build besides island. but lets be real if there is a situation were feitoria in another map then island would be build then it would be ok and not completly busted or useless

That is exactly why this post is a suggestion to REWORK the feitoria in a way that it actually makes sense in the game. Not to nerf it, but to make it a building that is worthwhile constructing on more than one map. But well, noone has commented on that suggestion at all yet.

because your post makes no sense at all. first of all only resources dropped off at the feitoria get multiplied. in the castle age and beyond you’re likely to only run into 2 or 3 tile stone nodes where you’d realistically be able to drop this thing. to put that into perspective that means a total of 700 or 1050 stone. after you give them the bonus resources of 20% you’re getting somewhere between 140 and 420 stone back from that stone node as an example that means at best you gained 220 stone. and that’s assuming that none is lost and that all of it gets dropped at the feitoria. also how big is the area of effect it would give for the longer lasting resources?

your proposal leaves many unanswered questions and a lot to be desired, and that’s not even considering balancing the thing.

i think the concept of some unlimited ressources is ok and can be made working.

burgundians gold is just 1 extra relic per 45 farms, with is somewaht comparable to aztects relic bonus with one extra relic per 3 owned relics.

Problem is portugese can shift their hole eco population to feutoria eco.

Only malay can do something similiar, but for them it is limited to needing water, and only gives food. This is also problematic which was demonstrated by that one insane hera-viper game, but it happens way less often then feitoria issues. (should be changed to malayfishtraps countain 2x food instead if infinit IMO)

Losing a long game just because one player has this joker building feels unfair and is frustrating. In invalidates all prevous andvatangaes and disadvantages gained.

SO how to fix it. Make Feitoria limited in the way the benefit is closer to what aztec or burgundians endless ressource truckles effect. In this way its far less likely to upset games and cuase civ wins.

-Feitoria costs 10 population
-Portuguese players can build 1 fietoira per teammate they have. (1 in 1v1, 2 in 2v2, 3 in 3v3, 4 in 4v4, Teammates can not build feitrias, only the portuguese players)

What did we achieve doing this?

  1. We made feitoria a real eco bonus in any setting since they are now finally around as pop efficient as villagers.
  2. We prevent players to go full fietoria eco, especially in 1v1 were just 1 feitoria can not carry a civ win as seen in jordans ilands win.

yeah and how many games is it that this is realistic?
furthermore just to pay off the gold cost of a feitoria is nearly 6 minutes to have a return on investment. the stone cost is even bigger at nearly 14 minutes.
those don’t even count in the construction time. so you’re looking at over 6 minutes to pay off the investment into a single feitoria.

FYI 1 feitoria provides 96 food per minute, 60 wood per minute, 42 gold per minute, and 18 stone per minute. sounds pretty reasonable to me considering you’re giving up 20 population space for it.

i think his intention would be also to adjust the drip cost

except here’s the thing - aztecs and burgundians don’t have to give up anything for there extra resource trickles. portuguese do.

only if you dont puit these numbers in relation to what villagers acutlly gather per minute.
96 food is 4 farmers, 18 stone is a bit less than on stone miner, 42 gold around 2 gold miner, woold i dont know by hard but i would assume around 2. all these values are without upgrades (Excepr for farms which are hard capped at 24 unless slav)

THats a total of around 9, and with upgrades more like 8 propbaly. 10 would be a reasonable number for feitorias to ever be a choice next to viallgers

20 pop is ridiclous unless resources have been compeltely depleted and villagers unusable
building feitorias when there is wood to cut is always a bad choice

villagers and town center alos need some time to recoup their cost. feitorias can be build quite fast and doont need food which is often a limiting factor in early imp. its a good way to boost eco, if only they werent so horredously inefficient that so are most likely forced to delted them or play with a permanent pop disadavantage, which is really not worth it

your first point, that we never see it happen or way too seldom to matter . i mean it even happens in pro game tournaments, it happens everyday in average players games. It is a real problem, even if you dont want to aknoledge it

It is not uncommon to still find unmined gold in the Imperial age, especially if you play archers, where you usually try to get to Imp rather fast.
It is also not uncommon to still build TCs in the Imperial age. Instead you can build a Feitoria, giving you an eco bonus, that also extends to farms and lumberjacks.

There is no such thing as area of effect. It multiplies what is dropped of. You could let a villager mine 10 gold at one end of the map and bring him home to the feitoria where, when dropped of you get 11 (12) gold in the bank.

Then please ask, or at least voice your negative opinion, instead of commenting on the post, but completely ignoring the whole point of it.

So let me explain the concept again:
Why would you build a Feitoria over a Town center?
A Feitoria has significantly better defensive stats, and can garrison more units and a feitoria gives all workers dropping of at it an eco bonus.
A town center in the Imperial age can easily be killed by just a couple of cavaliers, a Feitoria makes this much more difficult. In addition, if its range is affected by the fletching line, it cant be destroyed by onagers. It is supposed to give your forward eco more protection from raids. Town centers in the Imperial age simply dont cut it anymore. The eco bonus does not just affect gold and stone, it also affects lumber and farms. You can basically have slav farmers, celt lumberjacks and turkish miners in the imperial age around a feitoria.

but again the advantage of feitorias is it generates those resources from nothing. you can have no resources on the map and it still generates resources.

true but both of those provide other benefits the current feitorias only benefit is the trickle.

the only map i’ve seen them used in pro tournaments is on islands. that’s it.
as for your every day game - it takes over 6 minutes in game to pay off the investment. if you can’t punish your opponent in that time, that is not your opponents fault.

maybe but i’m focusing on the stone cost which is the most limited resource on most maps.

but on the other hand it costs a huge amount of the most limited resource on the map and yeah, 40% extra resources is a huge concern.

you literally said that all resources in the area around it last 20% longer.

your own words. so maybe you should clarify that. because you’ve said that resources last longer, you’ve said resources are gathered faster, you’ve said that all resources dropped off get multiplied. which is it?

are they gathered faster? do they last longer? or are they multiplied at drop off?