Roadmap for the future of AOE3

I would love to see some DLC-s. More civs make the game better: the playerbase was almost doubled by a single civ. This game would most likely die without new content. There are many important stories to tell. Oceania and Southeast Asia are entirely ignored.

African DLC:
Ethiopians: Confirmed
Hausa: Confirmed
Zulus: Already hinted, covers the Mthethwa Paramountcy and the Zulu Kingdom. They defeated the British Empire and used excellent infantry tactics.

Islam DLC:
Moroccans: Expelled the Spanish, Portuguese and the Ottomans. They conquered Songhai and Mali. They fit the Muslim-themed DLC if they don’t make into the game with the African DLC. Covers the Saadi Sultanate and the Alaouite dynasty.
Omani: Arab colonial empire. Expelled the Portuguese from East Africa, striked down the Swahili rebellion and beat the Safavid Persians. They controlled the Swahili coast, the coast of Iran and parts of the Arabian peninsula.
Persians: Safavids, Afsharids and Qajar Dynasty. Gunpowder empire, fought the Mughals, Ottomans, Afghans and the Russians. Probably the most requested civ in Asia since forever.

European DLC:
Danes: Covers Denmark and Norway. They are the only remaining colonial empire in Europe. They had colonies in Africa, America, India and Greenland. They were also involved in many European battles, like the 30 year war.
Poles: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Winged Hussars arrived! Poland reached its zenith during aoe3 time period. Fought quite a few civilizations, such as Swedes or Danes, but their main enemies were definitely the Ottomans and the Russians.
Italians: Based on Venice, Savoy, Papal States and Sicily. They should have been in the game since the release, it would be quite easy to add them.

East Asian DLC:
Siamese: Ayutthaya, Thonburi, Rattanakosin Dynasties. Back and forth eternal wars with the Burmese. Burmese managed to destroy the Ayutthaya, but later - thanks to the Rattanakosin Dynasty and the British - Burma collapsed. After that Siam fought the Vietnamese.
Burmese: They were the biggest power in Southeast Asia until the end of the 18th century. They destroyed the kingdom of Ayutthaya and repelled the Qing invasion.
Indonesians: Brunei, Tidore, Ternate, Bacan, Sulu, Banjar and Jaiolo Sultanates. The Indonesians weren’t the most significant power in SEA, but colonization is the closest to them. Each sultanate was independent, infact the Sulu fought Brunei and Tidore was allied with the Spanish.

South Asian DLC:
Marathas: Indians cover the Mughals and the territory they conquered. Nothing (cards, units, bonuses) cover the Marathas. The native Marathas conquered a big part of the subcontinent and they were a major factor of the Mughal decline and of course, they fought the British and the Afghans.
Sikhs: Fought against the Afghans, Chinese (yeah), British and Mughals. They had risen against the Mughals in the 18th century and created Misl, aka the Sikh Confederacy that became a strong empire later on and of course they should be a religious civilization
Afghans: Covers the big Durrani Empire, the enemies of Persians, Marathas, Mughals and Sikhs. They were another reason of the Mughal decline.

American DLC:
Mapuche: Victorious of the Arauco War against the Spanish which lasted 112 years and they had a conflict against Chile and Argentina in the end of the game time period. They captured horses, firearms and artillery from the Spanish and they learnt tactics how to defeat the Spanish cavalry.
Guarani: The Guarani fought against Portugal, Spanish and Tupis - several skirmishes were successful against the European powers. They had access to gunpowder, cavalry and European weapons, but traditional bows and spears were used too.
Apache: They were a major threat. The US army found the Apache to be fierce warriors and skillful strategists. Raided Mexico and Spanish colonies, causing very big damage.

Central African DLC:
Ashanti: Their military tactic was famous. They became a big empire in the Modern Ages, fought Yoruba and successfully resisted to the British for a long time. They probably used the most gunpowder in Africa, even big cannons.
Kongolese: African kingdom that repelled the Portuguese in 1623. The original Kongolese army consisted of powerful archers, knife thowers and tower shield infantry, but they adopted gunpowder weapons when the Portuguese arrived.
Yoruba: The Oyo Empire rose against Nupe Kingdom in the early 17 century. After that they expanded their borders and defeated the Dahomey Kingdom. They also beat the Ashanti Empire in a battle. 17th century expeditions were composed entirely of cavalry: ranged light cavalry and heavy melee cavalry. Infantry carried shields, lances, swords and the famous Yoruba javelins.

Edge of the World DLC:
Mayans: Survived until the end of 17th century. They were successful against the Spanish a few times thanks to their guerilla warfare. Mayans who allied with the Spanish used guns. Late Mayans had strong archers, a bow was as big as a man. I guess aoe2 Mayans are based on Late Medieval and Modern Mayans.
Comanche: They had firearms, horses, cannons and steel armor! They defeated the USA and the Spanish/Mexicans several times.
Maori: We definitely need something from Oceania. Maoris were a major threat, they even managed to defeat the British a few times. They fit the game theme perfectly and they would make the game more diverse, because we could see Oceanian minor natives.

Colonial States DLC:
Brazil: Big empire, perhaps they should have 1-2 Tupi units. I am not fan of successor states, but if USA made it, Brazil, Mexico and Gran Colombia definitely should.
Mexico: Big successor state of the Spanish colonies, fought the USA.
Gran Colombia: Predecessor of today’s Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Big empire, fought Peru.

Forgotten DLC:
Austrians: Controversial, unlike “Indians”, Germans seem to cover multiple major civilizations: Prussians and Austrians. Austrians are so popular so it makes sense to rework Germans. They were a major threat that stopped the Ottoman expansion. I think they should have Hungarian, Serbian and Czech units as well.
Sudanese: Sennar Sultanate, Wadai Empire, Darfur Sultanate, Sultanate of Bagirmi. Sennar Empire had fought the Ethiopians and Ottomans before they were conquered by Egypt. Wadai fought Darfur and conquered Bagirmi
Vietnamese: Powerful independent kingdom that became a strong empire. They defeated the Dutch, stopped the Qing invasion, conquered Champa and beat the Siamese many times: they even repelled them from Cambodia.

Why are Koreans, Dahomeys, Malians, Songhai, Somalis, Zimbabweans, Kanembu and Swahili missing?

-Imjin War is covered by aoe2. Qing had invaded Joseon, after that Koreans had to pay tribute. Then Korea was peaceful for 200 years.
-Dahomey was conquered by the Yoruba. Yoruba should get Dahomey Amazons as a Musketeer replacement.
-Malians and Songhai declined in the 16th century.
-Parts of Horn of Africa was colonized by the Ottomans (after Adal collapsed) and other parts were raided by the Oromo people.
-Zimbabwe expanded their territory in the 15th century, after that they were simply destroyed by Portugal and they recorded nothing.
-Kanembu also declined after Idris Alauma died.
-Swahili city states were conquered in the early 16th century by the Portuguese.

African Minor Civs:


Oceanian Minor Civs:

Easter Islanders

Asian Minor Civs:


European Minor Civs:


American Minor Civs:


I would love to see European maps and Euro civs should be more unique. It is not justified to have USA with 10 unique units! Euro civs + Ottomans are a bit boring.

Are there any missing civs from the list?


I think you are asking for too much. I would be happy if we just got all relevant World empires of the time.


I love your suggestion.

In your colonial states DLC, I’d include:
Bolivar Republic (Bolivia)

The only part I disagree with is Mayans in the edge of the world DLC. During that time, Mayans were reduced to very very small villages here and there. Not even proper towns. True, they fought the viceroyalty of New Spain as guerilla, but that’s all. Mayans are a special case because they don’t even fit aoe2… they already collapsed and were far behind the Aztecs when the Spanish arrived for example, but I understand people want them for nostalgic reasons.


Mayans did never collapse after the Tikal-Calakmul Wars, it is a misconception.

Mayans still lived in cities, and held much longer than the Aztecs or Incas. Some Mayans who allied with the Spanish obtained gunpowder, although I understand your points.

I agree there are more colonial empires, even Egypt - but I still dislike the conception of them so I tried to avoid them.

Ah but that’s different. You suggestion is about a new playable civ, right? Ok, I know about Mayapan, in fact that’s why wrote my previous post. It wasn’t a “nation”, empire nor a confederation. It was an alliance, very much the same as the Holy league in Europe. I mean, if you stretch the “confederation” meaning a lot and we pretend there was unified governmental doctrine, you could even make a case to support Mayapan as a “confederation”. But even in that case, it wouldn’t fit aoe2, much less aoe3. Under the same terms, I don’t think devs plan to include a new Holy league civ, for example.

Also, saying “held much longer than the Aztecs or Incas” is a huge stretch. Obviously, the Spanish (the Portuguese against the tupis too) wouldn’t go all out against small mayan villages who sometimes help them and sometimes attack them. They wanted to colonize, not to exterminate a whole ethnic group. That wouldn’t make sense. On the other hand, the aztecs and the incas were organized and too influential, it was a necessity for the Spanish to subjugate and assimilate them during the colonial period.

I wish the devs would support this game 2-3 years down the road. Don’t really care about AoEIV.

Definitely want more content after the African DLC. Love your suggestions.


Age Of Empires 2 covers different people, not kingdoms, Mayans always had city states, like the ancient Greeks.

Tikal-Calakmul War ended in the 8-9th centuries, which fits Medieval theme + Mayapan Period exists. Goths and Huns are way less Medieval than Mayans.

Haudenosaunee and Sioux were smaller than Mayans and they are already in the game. Spanish could have conquered anyone, by that logic no need for American civs. Mayans still shown more resistance than the Aztecs, who died so fast. Spanish tried to attack Petén, but failed a few times.

Ensemble adds people. The current team adds kingdoms and gives them generic (slavs, indians, etc) or specific (lithuanian, poles, etc) names.

And the 3 of them are particular cases in aoe2.

I didn’t want to touch this part of the topic, mainly because for many years I wanted Mayans in aoe3 for nostalgia. But how would you implement Mayans like Haudenosaunee and Sioux? aoe3 is not full symmetrical fantasy like aoe2. They are going to be aztecs 2.0, unless you give them something crazy or too lame. Pretty much the same reason why Mayans won’t fit aoe4 too.

Like that dude who builds his TC in the corner of the map and has scattered houses and military buildings nearby. So your team just goes and attacks the stronger enemies first and leave that dude for later but still pressure him with some waves of hussars so he doesn’t get too close to your base.

I’d probably give them Hornet Throwers, Two-Handed Axeman, Heavy Bowman (with big bows), Peasant Bowman and Artillery + (Slingers, Clubmen, Spears, Throwing Spear). I am not sure about other points. I am not a balance genious in aoe3.

Sicilians and Burgundians are the kingdoms, I am against that, but Poles and Lithuanians are people groups. Like it is pointless to add “Balts” instead of Lithuanians, because they were never relevant.

I like your ideas but that’s basically aztecs 2.0.

I mentioned them because they are a good example of a confederation in game. Technically they should be one civ as the Lithuanian-Polish confederation in the middle ages. And would later become a Commonwealth during the aoe3 period. Before they united, poles were 5 duchies under one grand duke or king (so kingdom), and lithuanians were on their own with balts (so kingdom). Or at least, that’s how I interpret the logic of the current team. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to have them separated.

Ever since the United States civilization appears in this game, this game begins to represent specific empires, not people groups. Even the name of this civ differs from the others.

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If we have a civ called “United States”, then “Austria-Hungary” should not shock anyone anymore.


If Forgotten fanmade expansion became an actual DLC then they should get the Wars of Liberty guys :slight_smile:

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Wars of Liberty devs already said they want nothing to do with MS, so no.


This is really a great Idea and, I guess this diversity maybe the one key missing to attract new players

Fun fact, Mayans rarely used Bows, and they were seen as cowardly peasant weapons. Heavy Bowman (much like Arrow Knights on the Aztecs) would be a full-on fantasy unit.
At that point, it is more realistic to give them Captured Serpentines (old Breech-Loading Gun, from the time of the first Spanish arrival), than some fantasy Bowman which they did not use, and is somehow Artillery.

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“The bows used by the Maya were described as almost as high as a man and were made from the same chulul wood as the hadzab , with the bowstring fashioned from henequen fibre; the bow was called a chuhul .[43] Arrows were made from reeds with flint, bone or fishtooth arrowheads and flights crafted from feathers.”

Mayans used bows in the 16-17th centuries.

“The Spanish described the weapons of war of the Petén Maya as bows and arrows, fire-sharpened poles, flint-headed spears and two-handed swords known as hadzab that were crafted from strong wood with the blade fashioned from inset obsidian;”

Honestly i like all these sugestions (although i dont think the devs will make 4 DLC (perhaps 2 at the most).

Hope they cover the dlc regions suggestions in this following order of priority:

Explanation why I think so,

  • First cover the missing parts of the world in the game that is South East Asia and Middle East. Top most priorities.

  • Then revisit the old world regions that can use more civs that is Central Europe and South Asia.

  • Then cover the Colonial American Nations contemporaries of USA. Add more minor civs to America as well.

  • Finally revisit Africa yet again to cover all the missing bits in it.


You’re just missing Oceania IMO but the rest is fine.