Roadmap ... when?

Has been promised … never delivered



Roadmap was announced 3 months ago :frowning: ( 17 november )


The last 2 DLCS were much quicker than this…


they also said theyll be adding modding tools in AOE 4 in early 2022… still nothing, I think there will be a big event like the age preview last year

I mean it’s totally ok if the developers need more time. but constantly promise that sooo much will await us in 2022… and they want to unveil it soon with a roadmap etc… which we have been waiting for 3 months, and we have the 2! month almost done in 2022… then it just gets annoying slowly.

Of course, if it’s officially announced, you’ll be happy. and then the long wait is quickly forgotten, but that doesn’t have to be the case, does it?

In the following update they said this:

Which tbh is super weird. How can hard can it be to announce whatever they are doing. Are they afraid there is going to be tons of backlash or what?


If the roadmap just contains: Summer 2022 - Shut down AoE2 servers and try to rescue the titanic AoE4, I guess there will be backlash :smiley:


Early 2022 can be stretched to even May or if you really want to stretch it a lot June.

That being said, i am also still waiting for a roadmap. I really hope fixing the team game ratings is something high on the priority list in the road map ( Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues - Age of Empires II: DE / II - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum)

They mentioned there would be an AoE2 roadmap at the bottom of the November update patch notes, and said it again in the January notes, so people are getting kinda impatient since the time.


Oh sweet! My bad. This is an AoE2:DE thread, hahaha. I thought it was an AoE4 one.

I’m not used to requests for a ‘roadmap’ in AoE2-land :joy: Post deleted

Well you got to “skip” 3 months of waiting which is pretty cool for you ig

Yep, very fortunate for me :slight_smile: I’m really looking forward to what they plan to implement, and have since the patch notes and other communications. But, yeah, I feel like I successfully managed to “skip” 3 months. Having other games distracting me, and other life responsibilities/distractions, has helped the time pass, thankfully.

@SavageEmpire566, can we get any news about this?

We’ll probably guess the DLC before the roadmap materialises at this point.

The silence is rather disheartening.

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I’m always conflicted, the devs desperately need to fix some stuff but on the other hand I want them to stay as far from this game as possible.


I’m out of the loop on Age II: DE at the moment, but I’ll look into it.


The roadmap silence combined with the greater funding for AoE 4 tournaments relative to 2 DE makes me wonder if the success of 2 DE relative to 4 is seen as inconvenient by some people in power.


They are doing it to save AoE IV. The strategy is simple - announce AoE IV tournament with huge money as early as possible and put starting day of that tournament as late as possible, so pro players will grind matchmaking to prepare themself for tournament.

You should not fear about AoE II. Game has great player numbers and overall AoE II is in much better state. AoE IV on the other hand… player numbers are melting and it is not stopping.


Where is it? Soon is not 4 months (on a game time scale).