Now that everything teased is already out (except the mysterious new game mode), could we have some idea of what to expect for the second year?
New civs? New campaigns and historical battles? Updates to old civs?


Here you go.

Unfortunately, it seems like Mexico was the last one new civ…

Doesn’t mean one isn’t going to be announced further down the line, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to announce a new civ on the eve of Mexico.


Doubtful, but it may be a few months before we know something


Well, when there is a better to moment to promote the game than when it’s under the spotlight?

Also, if there is even the intention to make new civ, they should announce them now, so that even those who aren’t interested into Mexico, may buy it to keep supporting the game.

The time between announcements and release has been pretty short.


Actually no new civ is hinted at African Royals release either.
That announcement came a few patches later.


I hope these updates are in mind for next year:

Improve the livestock of Europeans and American civilizations.

Improve older minor facsions. (American and Asian).

Sea trade routes on American and Asian maps.

New cards for European, Asian and American civilizations.


pretty doubtful, devs straight up hinted more civs on discord.


Can you screenshot this discord chat from devs straight up hinted more civs, please?


its not a direct “yes more civs” but knowing those 2 it kind of is.


So awesome! Thank you for replying!:+1:t2:

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Even though they take much more work than those in AoEIIDE I get the feeling FE and Tantalus are having a blast designing civs for AoEIIIDE.


Probably just the upcoming game mode and HC city customization’s we’ve known about for awhile. I’d love it if we could eek out two more DLCs on par with African Royals for this year but I’m not really optimistic.

This latest patch was a perfect opportunity to tease us but it didn’t happen.

On the discord, a dev said something like, “All I can say is, stay tuned.”

(This was after the release of Mexico.)

I wish to believe that this means there’s hope.

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When DE released, many people said: “they are giving us two new civs, that is going to be the only new content we get”.

Then we got the US, and people said: “This is the only thing we are going to get, don’t expect more”

Then we got African Royals, and people were: “THIS is the last content drop for this game. Africa was the only thing missing, be glad with what we got, but surely nothing more is coming”.

The Mexico was announced, and while that lit a fire on people’s minds, there are still some that say: “we are not getting anything else”. Even when a new game mode is being teased and being worked on for months now.

I think it is fair to say that when development for this or any other age game is coming to an end, they will tell us. From what I can see and little nuggets ingame, I feel pretty confident more content is coming.


I wouldn’t count on that. Sometimes the decision comes from the higher ups out of nowhere and there is nothing to be done but shutdown.

Me too. Fortunately AOE2 and AOE4 are doing pretty good therefore AOE3 will still get support and content.


To be honest I am not worried at all, Mexico civ released only 2 months ago so a bit early to announce new DLC. AFAIK know US civ and African DLC wasn’t mentioned in patches either. For this year we certainly going to get events for explorer skins for all the remaining civs.


@EntombedCurve02 @BestAcrobat1995

It’s just in stark contrast to the roadmap AoEIIDE got. While nothing specific was teased it did reassure players support is far from over. It would have been nice if AoEIIIDE got the same treatment. While I understand AoEIIIDE isn’t as popular I do think the game is gaining momentum.

There’s so much more that could be worked on and added I think we have to ready ourselves to the fact when the support stops we may get the feeling the game is unfinished with oddles of untapped potential. The support has been so good it’s only natural us hardcore fans don’t want it to stop anytime soon.


Yeah there is definitely untapped potential and I also hope they will get the maximum out of the game. Maybe in the next patch they will communicate what the nearby future will look like.