Roman AI player names : who the Romans cover

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Ever since the Romans were anounced for AOE2, was the question of who exactly were they supposed to be. We can take a good guess with AI player names. Here is the list of names I saw in various videos :

  • Anthemius : roman western emperor, reigned 467-472
  • Arbogast : frankish magister militum, died in 394
  • Avitus : roman western emperor, reigned 455-456
  • Flavius Aetius : western magister militum, died in 454
  • Galla Placidia : dowager empress, died in 450
  • Honorius : roman western emperor, reigned 393-423
  • Majorian : roman western emperor, reigned 457-461
  • Odoacer : king of Italy after deposing Romulus Augustulus, reigned 476-493
  • Pope Leo I : pope 440-461
  • Ricimer : western magister militum, died in 472
  • Romulus Augustulus : last western emperor, reigned 475-476
  • Stilicho : roman general, died in 408
  • Theodosius I : last unified roman emperor, reigned 379-395
  • Valentinian III : roman western emperor, reigned 425-455

Might have missed some but we have a pretty good sample. The Romans cover the Western Roman Empire (395-475), with some extensions like Odoacer’s kingdom (that would quickly fall to Theodoric the Ostrogoth).

I thought the Romans would start earlier, with Constantine or Diocletian, but the devs apparently make them start when Theodosius split the Empire between his two sons : Arcadius (East) and Honorius (West).


All my homies hate Ricimer.

Before 476 there were two Emperors called Constantine who ruled an unified Empire and one who ruled the West. I say this because there is also an Emperor Constantine in the Byzantines leaders list. However, there were a lot of Constantines in the East


Ricimer, Honorius, Valentinian III… quite a lot of this list is cursed indeed.

I meant the Constantine that looks like Sylvester Stallone :wink:

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That famous Roman Military leader.


20 characters

They say “pope” as around the same time, an Eastern Emperor is called Leo too. Thus, avoiding any confusion.

Leo the Great sure was “only” the Pope but he famously convinced Attila to turn back instead of marching on Rome. Which is more than many could have done with a legion.

"It ain’t about how hard your legions hit barbarians. It’s about how hard you can get hit by barbarians and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep the Empire moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” - Constantine the Great


I thought the Alans contributed to stopping the Hun attack on Rome?

I just saw that movie the other day, so I understood the reference. My dad’s really big on it.

Might be, it could also be supplies, it could also be Attila realising the walls of Rome were too large for him to take the city, or fearing that if he goes too far south a roman army would have the time to arrive and blocked his retreat, forcing a costly battle to escape as was the case the year before at Châlons… but I like a good story. Logistics is how you win wars but it’s not how you write something epic.

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I hope we can get Aetius

He’s in the list : Flavius Aetius.

I hope we can get Syagrius, who ruled northern Gaul after the fall of Rome, until being conquered by Clovis.


I think is lame that we ddin’t get a Roman campaign for AOE 2, Aetius is the best option because he appears in Attila so a campaign about him to connect with Attila was the way.

My bad, just got home from work and just seen so much Roman content that I didn’t see that. Thanks. Heard they’re going to be in ranked now?

Majorian would be a much better option. But the first scenario could be following Aetius, only for Majorian to take power for himself as Aetius was quickly assassinated then Rome sacked by the Vandals.

That guy was the biggest villain of all time, period :sweat_smile:


We need more sprite models for the Kings for regicide games. We need kings who look like Roman emperors.

If my roman king looks like Ricimer or Honorius I will rush mangonels to kill him myself :innocent: For the glory of Rome !

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Something like this would be okay. Both Romans and Byzantines.


Sadly the developers forgot two men who were the leader of the Kingdom of Soisson, an roman enclave in northern Gaul. This kingdom was like the Trebizond empire for the Byzantine, a rump state who survive for little years his fallen empire.

The first leader was Aegidius
The second was Syagrius, Aegidius’s son, beaten by Clovis in 486