Roman-barbarian architecture for the Goths

This is not my mod, but it is the union of two architectural mods (feudal constructions from a mod for Vikings, the other from a mod for Byzantine constructions) to show what in my opinion might be a good unique architecture for the Goths , “barbaric” in the feudal age, to then go to “romanize” in the following ages (when they occupied the cities of the Empire)

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Wow I like this. Is it available for download? This is the kind of mod I’d want for the Alric campaign and it would probably work for the Berber one too!

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No, it’s just my idea

So what’s the Byzantine one? More importantly is there a version not on Steam Workshop as I don’t have HD and thus cannot download mods there.

Does it have destruction animation?

No, they are structures of the 2013 version

Steam Workshop::[IA] AbeJin's - Byzantine Architecture here is the byzantine part of the structures, i don’t know if there is a non-steam version