Roman Temples: Return of Rome Reskin Mod

Hello! I started working on a small graphic Mod for Return of Rome.
Starting with a reskin of the Roman Monastery and University buildings to make them look more… Roman! :slight_smile:

The buildings are based off the Temple Ruin in Scenario editor. As it takes damage the building slowly transforms back to the ruined structure before turning to rubble. Same mechanic as wall destruction.

This is a side project from Romae ad Bellum that I made for fun. If folks are interested in it I will publish for the community to enjoy. Thanks,



Would really looking forward to this, the mix between the other mediterannean buildings and the ancient temple buildings really adds that late antiquity flair.

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Reusing animated Roman banner for garrison flag for Temple. :slight_smile:

Nice! How did you do the destruction animations?

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I just used the scenario editor temple ruins and layered them over each other. The rest was done with copy and paste and photoshop to correct for shadows and color.

They consist of idle/standing animation and then they have a frame for 25%, 50%, and 75% damage. This is the same damage process for walls.

I am thinking about creating one for alternate direction of longer version, to provide the ultimate scenario editor set.

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