RoR: Mongol Invasion of the Roman Empire and other stuff

All of this units and buildings and even more in the RoR Scenario Editor.

Good luck to scenario creators!


Are you saying all the Aoe 2 units are there but just hidden?

Not all of them but a lot. Literally hundreds.

How do you unhide them? Is there a mod already?

So they just left all the AoE2 units and buildings that didn’t get their ID overwritten in the Dataset?

Advanced Genie Editor

Work in progress

More or less.

Looking at the elephants side to side in this first image confirms what I initially thought was just my imagination: AOE1 units are smaller, even hard to see.

I liked the campaigns, they’re fun and all, but the game is basically the same. This visibility stuff is the main issue for me. I had a hard time telling one Chariot unit from the other because the only difference is their weapons and those are really hard to see until they start firing/thrusting.

Same with buildings. The Ancient world must have been really boring to see. There isn’t a general aspect in some buildings that allows you to tell one from another.


That means enabling those units and buildings is only a short time solution because they might be overwritten in future updates?

The mod is there now. And wow! This opens up so many possibilities for scenarios!
Even the Castle works! (Yes that’s a castle, not
wonder, you can see the arrows it is shooting at the elephant)


They really should make that an official feature!

But how do the armour classes work.
AoE1 did they completely different.
AoE1 doesn’t use bonus damage, it uses negative armour instead.
So Infantry has -7 Infantry armour and Cataphracts have +0 attack vs. Infantry in AoE2.
That would result in units like Plumbed Archers doing +8 vs. AoE1 Infantry if the amour class is the same.

Or did they change that the be bonus damage instead of negative armour. It would be practically the same.

Do they armour classes even match? AoE1 has different ones then AoE2, for example Towers and Archers share an armour class so Slingers can do bonus damage against both.

Don’t give them ideas! :smile:

Tbh I don’t get why anything was overwritten to begin with…You can add new entries without overwriting the originals. I guess it made sense in some cases for some buildings and such.

The Feitoria works btw, and provides resources at a slow pace.
Also yes, you can make the Aoe 2 units trainable in normal Aoe 1 buildings with triggers.

I think they copied over the units from AoE1 with the same IDs.
AoE2 probably started with the AoE1 dataset at one point in the development so things like Town Centre, Villager, Barracks, House, etc. might have the same IDs.

I’m currently testing out the mod and there are some interesting things:
Elite Plumbed Archers do 5 damage to Legionaries. They have 5+1 damage and +2 vs Infantry.
Legionaries have 3 Pierce Armour from Shield upgrades.
So they actually calculate the Damage in the AoE2 way here and the armour classes are compatible.
Also the Plumbed Archers correctly get the +1 attack and +3 range from upgrades.

But some other units are completely broken:
Elite Teutonic Knights turn into Stealth Archer when they get killed?

The buildings are also not really compatible because AoE1 units only do 1/5 of the damage against buildings, that makes the buildings with original AoE2 HP very hard to destroy.

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Yeah that might be.
I believe the Teutonic Knight is broken because his corpse was overwritten.
As for the buildings, luckily siege weapons still work well there.

Elite Samurai apparently turn into Mark Anthony when they die. xD

I hope we will get an official and stable solution for that.
Currently it’s kinda hacky and will probably lead to a lot of Scenarios braking as soon as they change something.

Best thing we can hope for, is that they fix broken units, and don’t change anything. Leave the hidden stuff hidden.

I mean classic Aoe 2 always had hidden stuff like this.
The “Heavy Swordsman” in the main Aoe 2 editor is literally a leftover from Aoe 1 because Aoe 2 was built on Aoe 1. So they took the original units and replaced them. The Heavy Swordsman was cut before graphics was made for it, so it kept the Broad Swordsman sprite. Then when Aoe 2 was upgraded to the Definitive Edition, it also was upgraded with the DE sprite.

I don’t think they’d go and delete the Aoe 2 stuff from the editor or overwrite it. It’d be wasteful.

Yep it’s already here, Phatfish from AoEH released it. Search for All hidden Units (Return of rome) when browsing mods.

Castles are very cool but also strange, and the other units make for some nice features in custom scenario or campaigns.

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These two are meant to be the same building…It is a bit odd, but tbh it fits rather well if you use the big one as a wonder, and the small ones as Castles. xD

I just looked at the Dataset, it’s a cursed mix of things.
AoE1 units are all over the place and AoE2 units (and buildings) are randomly inbetween.

But I can now confirm that they switched from a negative armour system to an attack bonus one.
So Infantry has 0 Infantry amour now instead of -7 while AoE1 Cataphracs have +7 attack vs. Infantry.
That Infantry class is identical with the AoE2 one so AoE2 Catapracts do a lot of damage against them.

The Hoplite Line only has Melee and Pierce Armour so they don’t take any bonus damage from anything.

They already randomly overwritten AoE2 units and buildings, so I could see them do that in a potential RoR DLC too.