RoR: Mongol Invasion of the Roman Empire and other stuff

Nice! This is rly cool :3 I had not thought of it.

Yeah I wish we could use AoE2 houses and some other buildings that are still missing. I mean it shouldn’t be too difficult to add them right?

Should be very easy to mod.

Without mods you can change the unit sprite using triggers.
There is just one issue:
It doesn’t apply to already existing objects unless the move or do something (like train a unit).

So those are 8 houses and 2 barracks.
I placed the 4 bottom houses after using the trigger.
I used the bottom barracks to train the Legionaries after using the trigger.

Not sure if there is a way to get around that bug.

And yes, AoE1 and AoE2 houses are the same size and so are the barracks.
It’s only a different style.
AoE2 buildings are basically scaled up smaller building that are crammed into the footprint while AoE1 buildings often have empty space around them.

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I was wondering if it would be possible to replace the AoE1 architecture with appropriate AoE2 architecture. It seems it’s not only possible, but very easy.

The trigger only works for sprites that are still in the Dataset.

Things like Asian buildings have been overwritten.

For those you need an actual mod.
That mod would be multiplayer compatible though.

I think it’s very interesting that the devs had already designed all of those units (most of those were discussed many times in the AoE DE forum), yet they did not add them…probably worried about upsetting the more conservative vietnamese playerbase. Since they don’t appear to be that interested in RoR anyway, I think we should push as much as we can so that we see those units implemented in the game.

How many have been overwritten?
I know the Asian towers and the wonders are still there.

What units are you talking about?

Didn’t know that was possible, very interesting!

It also means that they have something to add when they add more civs to ROR since there won’t be unique units each addition to ROR would come with a unit possibly reflecting the civs being added.

Yes they can explore more the concept of regional units and upgrades, AoE1 dont need unique units.

Also the horseman (id546) and elite horseman (id441) are also in the data, (with place-holder graphics and icon).

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Then the best compromise is just to name it “Konnik”

I agree that “Centurion” isn’t fitting for this unit line, but I also don’t like “spearman” as the name for the current Bronze Age hoplite, even with a reskin. IMO it’s not at all suggestive of the current unit as “hoplite” is, as the elite status and heavy armor (inc. "Hoplon) of the unit are arguably more important to the identity of the unit than it merely having a weapon in the class of the most common and easily manufacturable arms in history.
Surely I’m biased, but I think the AoE2 usage of “spearman” is much more sensible as a low cost, low-value unit. I think something like Elite/Heavy Phalangite for the final upgrade, or Doryphoros for the first upgrade would be better. Yes, the unit is incurably specific in name and appearance, but this is kind of a standard in AoE1 and 2, and I don’t see a strong solution for that outside of regional names and graphics.

There are certain triggers that make it work. For example, using the trigger “stop object” on any building will update it to the changed graphic. Replace object also works, but I don’t recommend this until they fix the HP bug.

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Fair enough. My main objection to the name ‘Hoplite’ is that you shouldn’t get those in the Bronze Age, not that it’s culture-specific, but I was trying to pick a non-specific term with ‘Spearman’. Maybe 'Heavy Infantry ’ would be better, but somehow horribly bland.

I’m not sure why you’re biased here. The thing I find weird about the AoE2 version is that it’s useless against everything except cavalry, but I understand from a gameplay point of view why that is.

Technically they kind of were. Against a charging cavalry they could be quite devastating but against other spearmen and swordsmen it was more like a long drawn out push until one side gave way or the commanders called off the battle for the night.

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I’ll say this sometimes as kind of a broad disclaimer when valid counterpoints exist outside of the scope of my initial interest in the discussion. For example, your point about the artificial weakness of spearmen in AoE2, or the fact that many of the elite warriors of the ancient world could indeed be generalized as “spearmen” if you choose to emphasize their weapon type in a broad way for purposes of naming and universality, but intend to depict them as the manifestation of the most highly armored/evolved iteration of that technology for gameplay reasons. So the small amount of bias I’m accounting for is my preference for using the conventions of AoE2 for AoE1 (even though there are other justifications for applications similar to the AoE2 usage that are historically grounded and unrelated to bias).

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You can look it up in the AdvancedGenieEditor (located in the Tool_Build folder of you AoE2DE installation), just change the data set to the one from RoR (modes/Pompeii/resources/_common/dat/empires2_x2p1.dat).
Then you can search the Graphics tag and use those IDs.

Change the standing and dying animation of the Building to this ID.
Then use the stop object command on the building (because it’s bugged).

For units you have to change all the animations and you also have to consider the sprites per angle and stuff like that.

If you change the wrong animation the game will crash, fun!

yeah. There are some annoying bugs in the editor.
Changing the order of players (picking colours) still ##### ## some things in the scenario.

Sort of, but there are definitely cases where they have unrealistically low damage, e.g. against villagers and archers. But as I said, I understand why it’s like that.

Oh, I see. I probably have that bias too then – I played AoE1 first, but never got into it until after I was already into AoE2.

I hope the unlock units mod is eventually updated to include the new unit variants too…and whatever other unused secrets might be lurking besides Aoe 2 stuff.

Scenario Editor is vast and full of wonders


Wow that looks pretty good! I noticed some civs like Assyrian have mesoamerican units, such as a horseless cart and buildings. I am currently using it to make ## ##### scenario