Royal Houses techs and ability

Ok, so i collected screencaps of royal houses techs and ability, the screencaps are taken by Aussie Drongo stream, and he was using the italian civ, so every tech give a vill, and some tech are affected by already researched techs… Said that here is the list:
House of burbon:

House of habsburg:

House of hannover:

House of Phanar:

House of jaigellon:

House of oldenburg:

House of vasa:

House of wettin:

House of wittelsbach:

There, i might have butchered some names, and maybe my ability with image editing isn’t great, but i think it is good enough to let people discuss about them…


oh lol the jagellion tech sounds super busted on china and japan

china cav with 50% range armour, ckn and keshiks with + 1 range.

40 range armour on naginata , 21 range yumi and 19 range yabusame

And ofcourse the ever looming 50 range resist mameluke

also reading I just realised, do the royal house units have a native warrior tag? cause I am begining to suspect not

edit: also super busted on aztec, more armour on coyotes, more range on slingers and erks

Also they just need to farm food :slight_smile:

  • In my opinion, the presence of Jagiellons and Vasa Royal Houses tells us that a Polish-Lithuanian civ may appear in the future.

  • The same is true of the House of Oldenburg, who can announce the arrival of civ Danes.

  • The absence of the House of Hohenzollern may mean the coming of the Prussians civ in the future.

  • Besides, it would be nice to see Ukrainians (Cossacks) civ.

  • The Austro-Hungary civ would be nice to see, but the Germans civ along with the House of Habsburg is reasonably accurate.

I look forward to seeing more Royal Houses in the future and more Unique Units for them. I think that with the next European DLCs, the number of European maps and Royal Houses should increase so that Europe would be covered in such a way that everyone would be satisfied. Potential new Royal Houses for European Maps:

  1. House of Ascania - Anhalt, Saxony, Brandenburg, Saxony-Lauenburg, Lüneburg
  2. House of Nassau - Netherlands, England, Scotland, Luxembourg, Orania, Nassau
  3. House of Luxembourg - Holy Roman Empire, Austria, Bohemia, Hungary, Croatia, France, Luxembourg
  4. House of Rurik - Ruthenia, Russia
  5. House of Romanov - Russian Empire
  6. House of Stuart - Scotland, England, Ireland, Great Britain
  7. House of Medici - Italy
  8. House of Savoy - Italy, Spain
  9. House of Ottoman - Ottoman Empire (more focused on the European part of the Ottoman Empire)

With these 9 brand new Royal Houses, Europe would become Minor Nations complete.

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It is a card for germans

It is a card for the italain civ


interesting so the wittelsbach tech also reduce their own costs

Did they seriously put a “Greek Revolution” big button tech? Just give us an actual Greek revolution!

Hopefully some of this is laying the groundwork for adding a Polish civ and Greek revolution option.

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Some dev said that it’s a new card for Germans

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Thank for this, has any of the early access players touched the other European civs like France? Just wondering if they got any changes in relation to all these new European units.

From the stream I watch there isn’t.
Maybe in the next PUP version.

good job! and a lot of time!

Probably germans will have Polish Winged Hussars or the namr of that card changed.

Confirmed by a dev on the discord, the winged hussar card will now indeed ship the proper winged hussar.


Wow really!!! Oh my god after 16 years of getting just renamed hussars, oh man the dream has come true :heart_eyes:

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Oh that’s awesome. Is there plan of adding the new native ally cards to other Europeans?

BTW the “Scots grey” sending Brunswick totenkopf hussars is pretty weird :upside_down_face:Now another unit to wait for a reskin after winged hussars.

@MatM1996 consider this topic (first post) for updating the wikia

I hope so. We’ll see when the next euro civ gets a few new cards I guess.

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And in that case Brits and Spanish are going to miss it…I’m actually expecting a general update with the release of the DLC, since the new ally cards are already there for Maltese and Italians.

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Well I hope youre right that’s all I can say about that.

So German Home City gets reworked next?

we don’t know if they have done only this change, a lot of them for all Europe civs, or just Germany.