Russia is strong in team games

Russia is being meta in Team games

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Russia in 3v3 I’m like the TOP 170 in Teams, Russia has been a civ that can be useful a lot, The main factor of its veracity is its growing economy in the mid game due to its production of villagers a once he is already in third and has more than 1 town center, he can play better and successfully on WATER maps, he has map control, he can sacrifice a lot of infantry without it hurting him, he has good raid, his deficiencies can be supplemented by your ally As Evil Siege In Age 2,
Honestly I would like the civilization to have changes, popularly people complain a lot about Russia because they don’t know how to counteract it but in Team games the situation is very different

The key points that make the civ strong

  • Control map
  • Good economy in the middle and late game
  • Good raid
  • Losing troops is not so painful
  • Several good cards in Teams.

I think that a strong nerf to Russia would be that it did not agree to the politician who gives you a TC in the elderly / or moving the medicine card to the elderly would also be a good nerf

Increasing the cost of the blockhouse a little could raise it to 260 - 265 to reward it, they give it more life

Give more utility to estrelet that can access technologies so that it has a 1+ range or with an existing card like the one it has at age four

Oprichnik Lower speed to 6.5 have 1+ range increase health from 250 to 260 make it more useful in combat and not just be used to besiege from behind and generate villager raid

Cossack Nerf armor from 30% to 25%

Improve your unique cards in the third age that most are pretty bad in team games,


Russia is strong in 1v1s too. I wouldn’t mind seeing a small nerf to them.

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And quite unidimensional

A nerf to the them just because they are upper tier in team games wouldn’t be advisable.


Nice changues.

I like a rework for opris to be more usable vs army and a little less vs buildings and vills.

Add native shipments in age 2/3 of houses of Jagellion and Oldemburg like Lipka Tatars and North musks, more options vs cav and versatility for 1vs1.


For the imperial era:

Change the price of estrelet for coins (From 10 wood, to 12 coins)

Russia will be reworked anyway, so nerfing it now would be a waste… as long as they are not absolutely dominant i would wait for the rework


wow, oprichnik is almost useless and 6.5 speed… more useless
loosing troops is always painful, of course yo u mean losing 1 strelet is not painful, but losing any other unit is painful
good economy? compare it with swede, and others is inferior or equal, why a nerf if rusia economy is not better than others? I feel like putin defending rusia… give me good reasons, compare it with other civs, rusia is not over other civs.
oprichnik was already nerfed on siege damage.
Russia its useless in team games in age V, 10 strelet population is completely useless

how to kill rusia in team games??

  • destroy 2 factories so lack of wood wont spam any strelet, and any barrack
  • destroy barrack instead of instantaneous army, use mortars for this.
  • dont allow them to get food or wood if you can

how do you know about rework?

i guess every (old) euro civ gets one, would be a bit unfair otherwise


If add a card (age IV) for strelets, change the cost of wood for gold and add +2 range? Is a great buff for use strelets in treaty.


Hmmm, Russia is not OP at all I would say it’s more like B tier.
Any civ feels OP if it is allowed to grow, actually if Russ gets punished with raids and loses some villagers they instantly resent it more than any other civ because of the big heavy use of food. They can’t maintain the queue going for long.

The only good thing they have is cossacks, removing that advantage is like removing cuirassier from french, Oprichnik are created for the specific purpose of raiding and sieging [they are bad in everything else] as a complement to the horrible siege Russians have in the early game.

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I don’t think so. Swarm Russia with heavy cav in age 2 and Russia’s got a lot of trouble. Will probably make musks and cossacks to counteract.

In Age 3, Russia’s skirm/goon/cannon comp isn’t as strong as other civs. If you do survive a rush, Russia is vulnerable in early age 3 for a bit since it has to upgrade a variety of units to even counter efficiently.

True though, that if Russia gets 3 TC’s, Russia scales very well. But by far, strong with apparent weaknesses, but not OP


Is it a joke, are you seriously going to lack wood with Russia? If with the British and Maltese you can spam Long bow and crossbows until almost 40 minutes, without running out of wood and you are going to say that Russia lacks wood occupying 100 for every 10 troops, Babul I know you without offending but You really don’t know how to play this game and I’m not telling you, almost everyone in the ELKO clan tells you XD.

Ok yes, Russia is not that it has an excellent economy in terms of collection per second, but if you think that practically the saving of resources that its units have by being taken out in batches, you would say that it is a good economy. Of course it’s not like Japan or the British who do have a good economy and can invest it in whatever they want, but Russia to get their infantry is a good economy and it’s fine because it’s their bonus as a civ and that in teams is strong, maybe in 1v1 no, because you are not going to start booming villagers when you go to third or even second with the medicine card, but in 3v3 yes

From the evidence they did with the British and Spanish, they are just adding more cards, it is not a rework like they did with the Lakotas, Aztecs and Incas

Captura de pantalla (59)

In that card it would be ideal for the starlet to get the +1 range technology, instead of giving you starlets that take a long time to arrive that annoys you population should give you +1 range and deliver 4 starlets for each blockhouse on the map


I am speaking in Teams, I agree that the Cossack should be an OP unit for Russia even if the nerf is stronger it will still be strong because the OP is that it costs 1 population and sends 5 Cossacks, now I am speaking in a way In general, not that the game is going badly for you and you are going to lose all your villagers in a raid and they control you the whole game and then the game is lost, then I can easily say that Russia is the best civ in the world because it has a good rush and many units right? Japan knocked down the sanctuaries I controlled her, that’s why it has to be a civ tier B right?

In general Russia in Teams has a lot to offer, also for that reason it is a civ that uses a lot in Team

I do agree with you on team games, it is easier for Russia to quickly and safely hit Age 3 and then do crazy villager booming then, especially with medicine. Even in treaty games, Russia is one of the fastest civs to max out villagers.

But I do not believe Russia should have any kind of nerf. Their units are so weak that the civ design already balances itself against its later, fast-scaling eco. You have to pay 600W and 600G just to get a Guard Musketeer that is as a strong as a European veteran musketeer. Russia goes into Age 4 just to be on par with other civ’s units in Age 3, like come on lol

I am not saying that its units are strong or weak, I am saying that its economy is developing strongly, I also played the civ both as a team and in 1v1, I know what its disadvantages are, it is not that in team games, you are going to do the 3 improvements always, in fact it is not that it is the only one, the Chinese have to make many improvements and nobody talks about it, I doubt very much that they entrust the anti cav to a Russian, with such a weak musketeer, I mean if the team enemy decides to change to 2 players going heavy cav with you going to defend that with Russian musketeers, the Russians usually go full estrelet in team in second and in age 3 they usually mix cossacks with estrelet, fourth they usually go estrelet and tartars, obviously there are more variants and things. What is your rank in ranked teams games

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