Sassanid empire with Cataphract or 4 variant civ?

Just choose Attention, you might say, the Sassanids are not included in this time period, so why should Byzantium, which existed before the 8th century, be included in this game? I am not upset about the arrival of Byzantium

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Byzantines lasted until mid 15th century. Sassanids were completely conquered before the timeline of this game even begins. It’s not even close.


It’s Persians, not Sassanids. Just like China is not Jin or Song.

By the way, SAFAVID Persia was also a massive world power in AoE4, the main rival of both Ottoman Superpower and rising Rus in late AoE4.

The importance of Persians in world history is EXTRAORDINARY.

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Safavid Persia by itself was stronger than English, HRE, and a million times better to have than “Joan D’Arc”.

But Persians is much, MUCH more than only the classic Safavid and Sassanid world powers.

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Honestly, with the coming of the Byzantines (395-1452), and considering that the campaign considers that the Abbasids also cover the period before the Crusaders and the Mongol invasion (750-1259), civilizations like the Persians are likely to appear. The myth that civs could not be from ages earlier to the year 1000 A.D seems to have been banisheed into thin air.

The Persian could exist considering several of their dynasties: Saffavidas (224-651), Saffarid Dynasty (861-1003), Samanids (819-999), Buyid (934–1062), Khwarazmian Empire (1077–1231). Jalayirid Sultanate (1335–1432), Qara Qoyunlu (1374–1468), Aq Qoyunlu (1378–1503) and also the Safavid for Post-Imperial (1501–1736).

In fact, there is already a Persian model based on it on the forum (The Persians civ concept (Second version)). Let’s see if next year with more luck, or some survey they consider the Persians, and maybe the Timurids:


There’s still the light of knowledge and hope in the Age of Empires community.



+1 Persia should also be included in the game, greetings.

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