Save Chapter Glitch

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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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If a scenario is based on xs and someone in game clicks on save chapter. It breaks the map entirely.

I reported this glitch in November 2021 and it was never fixed. The Modding community relies on xs to create scenarios.

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Thank you for the report!
Could you please provide some more information, like does this bug only occur in multiplayer scenarios?
Any other information worth mentioning so that we can narrow it down as much as possible would be helpful.

It occurs in multiplayer and in single player scenarios

You can use my map to test and click on save chapter, you will see its going to break the map entirely because its based on XS.

Any map with xs will happen the same.


I am having trouble testing through your mod. the mod just results in auto win upon start.

Is there perhaps a stand-alone scenario you know/have I could test it with?
Providing screenshots and videos of the problem would also be useful.
A step-by-step reproduction explanation would be amazing aswell!

you need to disable the trigger that auto detects the AI:

I will upload a video with more details soon

Save Chapter:

It also changes all player stats and nicknames in multiplayer

Thank you, these videos help a lot!

I have now been able to reproduce the issue.
From what I can gather, the bug causes unit spawning to halt, as well as sometimes timers to misbehave. Do all triggers stop behaving or only some? (I don’t know your scenario very well)
For additional clarity, are there any other scenarios where this occurs? Preferably ones that do not use data mods to make reproduction easier. This would help expand upon the knowledge and ensure this is not only happening on 1 scenario.

I can tell you at least 1 effect that is happening:
All xs variables get reset to -1.

Cannibal Escape also has this issue (I have an exploit detector which you will trigger which prevents my scenario completely breaking), but look at what happens in the island shop at the top of the screen to the gaia units, especially as you press save chapter repeatedly) They lose HP and eventually the game crashes.

Trigger variables remain at their assigned values

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Psychotic Sock explained very well.
Its happening to all scenarios based on xs

Thank you guys!

We are now tracking this issue.
If you could help us out by providing an easier quicker way to reproduce in the form of a scenario not reliant on data mods, this would be greatly appriciated.

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Here is the scenario you requested. MissingNo who made it, now you can easily reproduce the problem.

savechapter.aoe2scenario (1.2 KB)

I also would like to say that we have hundreds of players playing our scenarios (FVD and Cannibal escape) daily. So it would be great if the development team fixed this bug at their earliest convenience.

I appreciate all your help and patience.

Best Regards,

Sad Bear !!


Thank you very much for this scenario! This really displays the root of the problem and makes it a lot easier to reproduce.
I have added it to our tracking system!


Any feedback about this glitch? It will soon mark its two-year anniversary.

they will say only two years? try waiting one more year

Hi @ConvertThis4915 or @Felizon89

The modding community heavily depends on xs to create and edit multiplayer scenarios. I’d appreciate some feedback on this bug. If it’s too difficult to fix, the official developers should have the option to remove or disable the save chapter button.

Currently, we are relying on the players’ goodwill to avoid spoiling the game for others. Unfortunately, some disruptive players are causing problems, and occasionally people mistakenly click the save chapter button as well.

My UGC website,, has uploaded this bug. After thorough testing, I have a clear understanding of the impact of F4. You can take a look at my map, “CA,” which uses triggers to periodically reset XS data to ensure the game runs smoothly without data loss.

I’m familiar with this. Your website, parser and etc. And this method does not work for FVD. If only I had a better option than waiting. I would have fixed myself

I just want this bug to be fixed.

bump, 3 years and no solution (it was initially reported in 2021)