Saved Command Queue mod

I am wondering if anyone from the modding community knows how to develop a mod that allows you to save villager build commands to a pre-defined list that can be used later? Or does anyone know of a mod like this?

Meaning: if I want to build 3 houses surrounding a tower with a gate on one side that’s a set of commands mixed with map coordinates. If I could save that and then click a button or hot key in game to run the script that would be cool to run a number of commands with a single click or hot key… and if it worked it would be faster than building complex designs in-game.

The game already lets us queue up multiple commands… way better than ever before. Just need to take the next step and be able to have saved preset commands or building layouts.

You could probably use AutoHotkey for achieving this. Here is a discussion about it with examples.

Note, that many people will probably consider this as cheating, because you would be using external program to automate mechanical tasks. It is debatable whether player should be allowed to automate such tasks or would it simplify the game too much (game would be playing for you).

If you manage to build your tower+houses+gate structure by being quick and precise in game, then that requires work and you earned it. If you just push a single button for it everytime, then you got it for pretty much nothing and it can be debated that it is undeserved.

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Thanks for responding. I agree. It is debatable. I’d prefer it to be a feature that all players could use. Yeah I know about macro tools. I was actually an automation programmer for 8 years.

Let me try to explain it another way. Does any modder think would be possible to make a custom menu in the game where you can have a villager build preset building layouts with 1 selection. I design 5 buildings in a certain pattern and then I use that later in game with the click of a button…?

you might be able to create a custom scenario through the use of triggers- but it would be coded into the specific scenario rather than something universally applicable.