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I am trying to modify the template with example game mode SCAR to progress when a player picks up a relic rather than when a house is built. This is a very quick attempt and a first draft but any input would be very welcome.


  • Event happens in game // ie. scout grabs carcass
  • function call on event // ie. Mod_OnConstructionComplete
  •     function checks parameters // ie. does scout hold carcass, does local player own scout, etc.
  •     return variable
  • if variable is what is required // scout does have carcass, player is local etc
  •     then increase objective bar
  • elseif var != requirements 
  •     end check
  • if objective bar == objective goal then end game

The issue i’ve ran into is syntax to specify things like:
A) define which unit to check (creating a table of all the scouts in play and sorting out the ones to check)
-when to specify things like player/team and unit type to reference the table / array contents(oninit or context)(around or within rule)
B) determine which player owns the unit(s) and how many, if any, hold an item (like a carcass or relic)
C) Find out things like which type the unit is (for use in getbytype, getbyblueprint, player_get*, sgroup_get*, etc.)(also which of those to use)
D) What to call an item held by a unit (slot item? sim item? inventory item? entity? squad?



function *

Rule_AddGloalEvent(Mod_OnSquadItemPickup, GE_SquadItemPickup)


code code code

function Mod_OnSquadItemPickup
for i, player in pairs(PLAYERS) do

  local player_monks = Player_GetSquadsFromType(, "monk")
  if Squad_GetSlotItemAt(1) = "relic" then
  	Util_SetPlayerOwner("relic",, true)
  	if Entity_GetPlayerOwner("relic") = then
  		local obj_progress_current = Obj_GetCounterCount(_mod.objective)
  		local obj_progress_new = obj_progress_current + 1
  		Obj_SetCounterCount(_mod.objective, obj_progress_new)
  		Obj_SetProgress(_mod.objective, obj_progress_new / _mod.objective_requirement)
  		if obj_progress_new == _mod.objective_requirement then
  			for i, player in pairs(PLAYERS) do
  				if Player_ObserveRelationship(, == R_ALLY then
  					Core_SetPlayerVictorious(, Mod_WinnerPresentation, WR_CONQUEST)
  					Core_SetPlayerDefeated(, Mod_LoserPresentation, WR_CONQUEST)


If my intuition is correct, the above would require either to make a new players table within “function mod_Onitempickup” at the beginning then use the table to build a table containing only the monks owned by then check that table for monks ‘holdingentity(“relic”)’ then execute the objective progression adjustments. maybe?

Anybody know why the keep spawns as a box that shoots boxes when spawned using…


               --for i, players in....
		--player_civ = Player_GetRaceName(
		--local ebp_castle 
		--if player_civ == "x" then ebp_castle = BP_GetEntityBlueprint("building_defense_keep_x)

		local spawn_position = Util_GetOffsetPosition(player.town_center.position, 20, 40) 
-- position from table in Mod_FindTownCenter()
		local entity1 = Entity_Create(ebp_castle,, spawn_position, false)
		Entity_SnapToGridAndGround(entity1, false)

is it an error in script / cache or whatever, or is it a gpu thing or game settings? I’ve seen the boxes before and they are not consistent, one frame my TC is, well, a TC but the next frame only red-ish box stands in it’s place.(obviously a placeholder of some sort) This does not seem to be discriminate to any specific object aside from the keeps, the in-match villager built keeps render normal but the script spawned ones don’t, even if a script spawned outpost from the unchanged Mod_SpawnBuilding() function renders perfectly at a different offset at the same time as the keep and remains a tower throughout while the keep remains a mystery box.

also, has anyone tested these at all?.. :arrow_down:

@ms_age_team @relic_dev_team

Just a shoutout to the lowkey updates to the editor, many thanks to those bts for the detail and hardwork!

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Q: A unit I spawn through script is appearing as a red box, what can I do to fix it?
A: You will have to tell the game to pre-cache this unit. This is done in *.rdo files. For crafted maps, you will see only the precached unit list if you open it. For game modes you can find it in Setup->PrecacheList

Thanks for the response :smiley: I managed to solve the issue a while back for the “Game mode formerly known as New Photon GM” game mode" mod I had to make under the ign TheChrontonicle. The issue now is getting the new civs to work properly lol

Trying to work out what the issue is for this players tuning pack on the following thread. Content Editor - Pre-cached Red Box Visual Error, how to fix it?

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