Scenario Editor crashing when adding unit in Genie Editor

Hey guys,

I’ve been updating an existing mod this last week and it’s been going pretty well. The mod had added some units (custom data mod) that I could play around with. When trying to add my own units however I run into one of two problems:

  1. The scenario editor instantly crashes when loading/creating a scenario.
  2. The unit successfully “exists” i.e if i specify a training location it can be trained there, but it does not show up in the unit menu in the scenario editor and it lacks a description even if one is specified.

The two above scenarios are the result of changing the internal name (i think). Whats the logic to choosing an internal name? Is there a convention? Restrictions?

When trying to change the Language File Help/converter on units to other existing file helps, nothing shows up.

Also, when trying to add custom descriptions, I’ve added a key-value-modded-strings-utf8.txt to the mod in the correct path (resources/en/strings/key-value/) but none of those modded descriptions/keybinds/names/etc. actually show up in-game. They do however correctly show in the genie editor. I’ve heard this is because I need to make a separate text mod, but I’ve seen some people say that’s HD only? This section could just be me being confused.

I would be happy to provide screenshots if you need them!

Thank you,
new aoe modder