Scenario Editor: Homecity & Deckbuilding of Scenarios not really possible ingame

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  • GAME BUILD #: 21704
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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In the Scenario Editor it s not possible to implement decks with the ingame Deck Editor. At some point also the Cards of the Homecity dissapear, but i dont know how i did it or how to reproduce it (Doesnt matter anyway, since the decks are not working anyway).

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Go to Scenario Editor
  2. Edit Deck and change deck
  3. Playtest scenario (The Homecity is still the default one)
  4. Try importing the Deck from MP
  5. Doesnt work, see error message.

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  1. Editing Decks should be somehow possible in the scenario editor, but it isnt. Also Other users reported, that it was always that way.

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Error Message when Importing Deck

Deck Cards dissapear after a time:


You can make the decks ourside the scenario editor, and them load them in the scenario, witht he Players menu !
Just a small workaround

Can you elaborate please? I thought i kinda did that, but loading in via the players menu resulted in the Error message (Picture 1)

Thats should only pop up, if the choses civ for the player is not equal to the homecity file you try to put in

Well i picked the French city & I even checked the XML file to be sure and it said french…so it doesnt work for me

Did you copy the file of your own homecity to the game files ?
From the Games/Age of empries3/number/savegame ??

That s what i did and got the error msg :wink:

This is because of the game’s anti-cheat checksum. The game checks Homecities for the proper checksum to verify that your HC was built legitimately ingame and not made in a text editor (since with a text editor you can have more than 25 cards). If there’s anything in the Homecity xml that’s different from what the checksum says it should be, then the HC is considered invalid.

Your only option is to delete all your decks and then rename your Homecity and explorer to what names you want to show up in your scenario, then build your scenario deck, and copy over the HC file without making any external changes to it, only then it will load.


@SoullessHeathen So i went to homeCity and renamed my city and explorer… choose some random cards in my deck. saved and closed the game… went in Games/Age of empries3/number/savegame and found that the file XML is called LastHomeCityY.XML… when i open it with notepad++ i see the exact changes in the deck and same name for explorer and such.

i copied that file to C:\Users\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\number\Game and when I open scenario in aoe 3DE, i click on player summary, and choose my CIV, and click on set HM button on the right… i select the Game folder and i cannot see the LastHomeCityY.XML. if i rename the file Homecity_sweden, i can see it. but when loading it it doesnt accept it. same error as previous image from other user.
what am i doing it wrong?

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to whom stumbles on this in the future. I managed to make it work

when re-naming your hometown ( and explorer why not) you build your deck the way you want it to be in the scenario.
i saved it and quit the game
in C:\Users[name]\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE[number]\Savegame I had a XMP file called sp_[civilisation]homecity. if you open this file (say with notepad ++) you should see the name of hometown and hero should match to what you entered
if you copy this file to C:\Users[name]\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE[number]\Game, and then go in scenario you wont find it
instead i just renamed the file to : homecity
[that said CIV] so i just rearanged the title to start with Homecity. now i can load it in the scenario and have the cards i chosed

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One of the things that make Aoe3 inferior to Aoe2 is the scenario editor and the mod complications

i have stumbled across another issue.
if i follow the instructions and add USA deck… it loads just fine

if i do then add Inca’s deck for example, my usa deck is visible on my inca’s civisilation

basically the last file i load remains for every civilisation. why is that?