[Scenario Editor] How to make AI follow taunts

When i played new campaigns, especially Jadwiga. I saw so many times, how you can use taunts in missions(We’ve seen same in “Man of God”). When you write “31” and ally attack/answer why he won’t attack or something like this. I tried to copy same from AI of players, but that doesn’t work in my scenario. Please, help with this.

@Ongarelli173. If i’m not wrong, you’ve made Polish campaign. Maybe you can help? Please

Contrary to popular rumor, I’m not the designer of the Jadwiga campaign! :see_no_evil:

But if you want an AI faction to respond to taunts, you need to put (taunt-detected any-human <taunt #>) in the conditions of a defrule in your script. The effects after the => in the defrule can be set to change the AI faction’s behavior in response to the taunt.

If the taunt is supposed to activate a trigger, then the list of effects in your defrule should include (set-signal <signal #>), for which you can use the AI Signal option in the list of Conditions in the Scenario Editor to implement the effect.

If you want an AI faction to respond to receiving a tribute, then the defrule’s condition should include (players-tribute-memory <player #> ). For example, for Michael of Zahumlje’s tribute request in Tomislav 5, I used (players-tribute-memory 1 gold greater-or-equal 1500), then wrote (set-signal 18) in the list of effects; an in-mission trigger would then respond to AI Signal 18, causing him to ally with the player.

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Ouch. There were rumors… sorry :upside_down_face: :face_with_head_bandage: I hoped for official campaign from you :frowning:

Thank you very much. I spent almost 2-3 hours and now, i hope, everything will work correct. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@LordBasse. So…maybe you can help?

Ah yes, relying on word of mouth information about features the DEVS added and only told their friends
■■■■■■■■ I LOVE THIS!

Ongarelli173’s information is correct, to give a very simple example of how it could work with the first proposed method (no trigger interaction):

	(taunt-detected any-human 31)
	(acknowledge-taunt every-human 31)
	(set-strategic-number sn-minimum-attack-group-size 2)
	(set-strategic-number sn-maximum-attack-group-size 8)
	(set-strategic-number sn-percent-attack-soldiers 100)

Thank you so much​:pleading_face::revolving_hearts:. So, now my AI will be better… 11

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