Scenario Editor: How to Stop AI Units From Moving in Multiplayer

I created a 1v1 scenario where Player 1(human) is against Player 2(AI).

The AI units are scattered throughout the map. Player 1 has to battle through them and rescue his monk which has been captured. In order for this to work, I need the AI units to stand still and not automatically start exploring the map.

I set Player 2 (AI)'s personality to none. And when I test it by myself it works!

However, I wanted my friend to try it, so I created a Player 3 (team with Player 1) with just a single unit for me to play so I could watch him play as Player 1.

The issue is that when playing the map in multiplayer, Player 2(AI)'s units start exploring the entire map right away! It ruins the scenario. Any Help?

*I tried creating a few scouts for player 2(AI), but a lot of the units still start moving around from the beginning.

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