Scenario Editor is a joke, for a remake of a remake

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Wtf is wrong with you. Half of the Object Attributes of the “Modify Attribute” Trigger dont even work. Garrison Capacity, Max Range, Line of Sight. Nothing works. The only thing that works are the Change Object X Trigger and even those display it weirdly (see below)
Wtf is wrong with you Microsoft. The Scenario Editor is still in the worst shape than ever.
And the worst is if you SET an Object Range or Attack or Range. Its displayed as 8+ -7 Range, even tho you used SET and not Substract.

There is also no support from your side. Nobody can help you when creating a scenario.
You should be ashamed


And it all feels so clunkier and laggier compared to the buttery smooth scenario editor of the 1st game, aoe2 conquerors.

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Push since half of the “Modify Attribute” Object attributes still do nothing and dont work. Want to change the speed of a unit? Doesnt work, Change Object Speed is not enough as it doesnt have a multiply, divide, add and substract option

Hi, I have managed to get Modify Attribute to work as I want. What exactly are you having problem modifying?

Here’s an example of how to increase Line of Sight, Max Range, Attack and Speed of a Bombard Cannon using the Modify Attribute effect:

The biggest problem for me is finding the right Item ID if I want to change for example projectile speed, or what Armor/Attack type to modify of the unit. I usually use Advanced Genie Editor to open the .dat file and find object IDs. Attack/Armor types can be found in Advanced Genie Editor too, but I usually just use the most common ones (3 for pierce and 4 for melee for examples)

As it turns out propably a lot of Object Attributes work, but the issue which let me conclude that nothing is working is due to the fact that the Unit can’t be modified beforehand (e.g Change the Name). Changing Name of Objects is my bread and butter in my scenario editing and therefore I assumed it was bugged. Thanks for revisiting, tho know I know that I have to modify the unit and THEN rename it, which is a bit clunky but ok I guess. One thing tho: “Regeneration Rate” is not working? Afaik that never worked for me (and it doesn’t work on heroes)

Also since you are here
could you please help me out here

I can’t give Extra Attack to Castles and other Buidlings, I need to do that with modify attribute because I want to change the base attack of Castles

I replied in your other thread, but if you need any further help, join the Aoe2 Heaven discord group and ask questions in the Scenario Design tab:

Fyi, I never got the regeneration to work either :frowning: