Scenario Editor: predatory animals and triggers

Ok, im making a small scenario where the players must survive while a bunch of wild animals are roaming around the map. I’m using komodo dragon just fyi. So I’ve got a bunch of attack move triggers moving the pred animals around (as if they are hunting for food), but the animals will just walk right past the player’s villagers and not attack them. The random few that i missed with trigger area boxes and are not roaming around actually do attack the player villagers. I also tried patrol, and this does not work, and also setting the animals stance to aggressive seems to have no effect. Also since my triggers sorta loop around and keep the animals moving around, i added a stop trigger and this also seems to have no effect.

Before, I tried to use triggers to give ownership of the wolves for example to the player, and when the unit changed over, it instantly changed back to gaia and never gave me control of the animal. SO my question is what do you guys know about the gaia animals behaviors and triggers? Seems like they’re sorta hard coded, they dont really respond well, and the only way to get access to them really is to use the natural wonders cheat. Anything u guys know would be appreciated, I couldn’t find much else on the net.

My end goals are to have the animals roaming around the map, looking for the players units or vils. Seeing them from further away and attacking them on sight, and also to have the animals attack buildings and such as well. I added some triggers to give the animals greater LOS and search radius, as well as greater hp and attack once they kill so many players units (like they are getting stronger as they eat you). Most of this works, but it’s a pain to get them to roam the map looking for vils to eat instead of just stand around thier original location.

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