Scenario Editor: Unable to modify tower range or pop space

I have a scenario where I test as many elements of my Caucasus civ concepts as possible using triggers. I used the Modify Attribute trigger to set Watch Tower pop space to 5, and the Change Object Range trigger to give them an extra range. Neither worked. I built a tower and my pop space did not jump to 10 (I had a TC already), and it did not display an extra range. Can anyone help?

Did you also modify line of sight? Try modifying LOS and range to like 200 and see if it works. For pop, try a negative number, perhaps

All right, I’ll try those things and come back with the results.

I didn’t modify line of sight, but I tried everything else. I even tried using the Modify Resource trigger to make towers provide extra pop space, but nothing worked.

I’m beginning to wonder if towers are hard-coded not to provide any pop space, even when you attempt to change that with triggers.

@Chesqin, do you have any idea what my problem could be? Are towers hard-coded to always have no pop space? Even if that’s the case, why can’t I increase the range?

Towers can’t support population. Why not use datamodding rather than the scenario editor? It’s a lot more powerful.

You should be able to change that with triggers, but apparently not.

Believe it or not, I have a couple of people who are interested in helping me make a Caucasus expansion mod. Also, I don’t know anything about making mods.

I always prefer triggers because you don’t need to update every patch. If I can’t do it with triggers, I just won’t implement it

No, the tower doesn’t have any resources associated with it (in the way that a house/Castle does).

Without any resources to modify, you won’t be able to make your thing work.

I see. But can that thing be modified with AGE at all? I’ve never used it and don’t know the first thing about modding anyway.

Yes, that can totally be modded with AGE, you just add the population storage resource.

And I’m assuming it can be a team bonus as well?

I don’t know anything about AGE, so, in the words of the venerable Michael Scott, “Why don’t you explain this to me like I’m 5?”

Yes, it could be a team bonus as well.

I figured. Thanks for the help.

I really should learn this stuff…