Scenario editors, what assets do you want or think there should be?

multiple types of cliffs, even ones that look like city walls and stuff


This is a nice one! Imagine saving a player that would be able to help you in the next scenario.

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Reminds me I don’t think we have volcanoes

wow, guess I’m psychic, looks like we’re getting 3 types of cliffs now in the new DLC


Do you have any source material about that information?

If this is true, its big? Any more information? Images?

Just found it:

Yes it appears there are a lot of new stuff there.

I especially like the new “bridge” parts there, the combination for all kind of purposes are insane.

The cliffs have indeed been there a long time, but never got their skin implemented in.

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Only three new unique hero skins. The rest are just using the existing unit skins or the Savaran/Warrior priest. Not too great. Sigh.


They could have made the editor church regular size.

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@NauseantWings09 There should be two svan Towers.

I’ve been saying this a few times already, there should be a generic/European version of the genitour and a mounted crossbowman for the scenario editor only.


seems like its kinda light on new models and editor content overall…


Doi also had less editor guess is devs have a budget issue.


gotta make up for ROR somehow…

They should add as much RoR content to AoE2 as possible. They already made it so why not make it available in AoE2. You gotta change up those unit stats a little though.

The Tool Age units would work well as bandit like units in AoE2 while most of the Iron Age units would fit well into a Late Antiquity setting for civilisations like the Romans, Persians, Huns or Goths.
Bronze Age units and Elephants are more out of place in AoE2 though.

New Villager units:

  1. Add a Gatherer unit that can collet resources but can’t build (maybe with the exception of farms)
  2. Add an Architect unit that can build but not collect resources
  3. Add a Villager Wagon that doesn’t need to drop off resources (maybe also can’t build buildings)

They would open a lot of interesting possibilities for scenarios.
Some of those things could be done with triggers but you can only do them globally. You can remove all buildings from villagers but you can’t have a different unit still be able to build them.

Those 3 units would open up some unique possibilities for interesting small scale scenarios or some scenarios where you have to manage 2 distant bases.


I agree with you about all but I’m not sure about this. If you look to late antiquity armies they look nothing like Hellenic ones, they’re more medieval actually, that’s why I think despite the name late antiquity fits more in aoe2.
But again the new centurion is wrong, the helmet is from earlier, the scenario unit we had before had it right.


That’s actually NOT how it has been in DE. I delayed buying the DLCs for a while (except Return of Rome, I think), and I was able to place all the new units, heroes, and buildings as far as I recall. I couldn’t place the new civs themselves, but all the unique units, buildings, and the campaign objects were freely available in the editor.

I’m not sure if this has been made impossible in a later update or if it’s still the case? (I guess I’ll find out after the Mountain Royals releases).


I’d love to see more content added to the editor, but I don’t think the devs have much incentive to add much new content except when releasing a new DLC.
So far, all new scenario assets in DE (apart from the new civs themselves, their castle/wonder sprites, and everything in the RoR mode) have actually been added to the editor for free in game updates and haven’t been locked behind the new DLCs. I would like it to stay that way, so the placement of Folwarks or Mule Carts in a custom scenario won’t make it inaccessible to those who don’t own the right DLC.
But I think there’s still the option for a paid DLC without new civs if it gives access to cool campaigns, maps, and game modes. One idea for a DLC without civs would be a medieval legend/fantasy theme, e.g. campaigns with King Arthur, Beowulf, Sinbad the Sailor, etc.
I don’t think fantasy civs belong in AoE2, but I would personally love to play campaigns with fantasy/legend elements, and to be able to place giants and dragons in the editor… :slight_smile: :dragon:


Speaking of bridges, I wish we could get bridges that boats can go under, bridges that are 4 tiles so it wouldn’t look unsymmetrical.