Scout-Line Movement-Speed Buff

+10% speed / lighter cavalry, faster than heavy type cavalry as their main benefit.

Can you explain why we need this balance change? For what reason need the scout line a buff?


To increase their viability to snipe important targets while under arrow fire within the time they may be alive.

I see someone played too much Teuton and forgot husbandry exists


they already are faster then heavy cavalry.
Scouts alone travel at 1.55 speed before Husbandry.
Light Cavalry and Hussars at 1.5 speed before Husbandry. even a Knight with Husbandry travels at 1.485.
a Light Cav with husbandry travels at 1.65.

and they already do that just fine. people literally use them to pick off monks and siege and raid. how much more viable do they need to be? not to mention what this would do to Hussar Raids. even Hera would call this broken.

Light Cav and Hussars would travel at 1.81 speed with this change. bonkers level of busted.

This sounds like a terrible idea, Scouts are already very effective in Feudal Age for harrassing and sniping vills. (I know, spearmen exist, but Scouts can run circles around them already, and often enough, even spears wont always prevent the vill snipe) Such a change honestly sounds like a recipe for disaster

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1.7 speed scout cavalry in feudal age. what could possibly go wrong.

Scout line is already fine to me. You see them already in the feudal age (scout rushes) untill late imp (raiding with hussars). I am not really sure why they would need a speed buff. The unit itself is pretty balanced.

@HealFortress This wasnt me, before you blame me again :rofl: