Scoutable TC Glow For Aging Up, No TC Building Restriction

add a golden glow to town centers researching age ups to allow for better in game scouting and information gathering.

remove building restrictions around initial town centers, at the very least for trade posts and docks.

Do you want to know how much units your enemy has?? Or do you prefer to know what is being sended from HC? Maybe the techs that it has researched?? Factories and wonders locations as aoe2 do, before construction??
We dont need to know everything about the enemy, the surprise is part of the strategy games and you should try to guess what is happening before to counter it ASAP.

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you will hate starcraft, aoe4, gray goo and most other rts released after 2000 then, not to mention the Asian expansion. all of them allow scouting of age ups/tech changes like in aoe4, and some like starcraft even allow you to see if a building/cacoon is researching technologies or training units. enemy researching hive? reactor or tech lab? going orbital command or planetary fortress? warping in a dark templar or a stalker? all visually scoutable.

modern rts games are built around manually scouting the opponent to see what they are up to, and if the game tells you nothing visually it reduces the value of scouting.

I’m glad that you agree that we don’t need to know everything about the enemy for free though, which the score system currently does. do players really need to know if an enemy has native/trade posts? or if they are booming or rushing? what age they are currently in? it even tell you if an enemy is aging up better than scouting an Asian wonder currently does, and for no risk at all.

you should join me in a post arguing against showing score in-game, which gives far more information than any current rts does.

The score is a clue, but it is not conclusive.
Sometimes you have a bad economy and few buildings, but a good army. Other times it is the opposite.

As for what you suggest to be able to see the technologies / units that are being researched / created, it would be a good task for stealth units and that see stealth. This would make this skill more useful, since it is not usually used much. In fact I will propose it in my forum of ‘things almost obsolete’.

I’m not suggesting to see which technologies or units are being researched, just that when town centers are researching an age up, they glow. it would fit with the current game and make scouting non-asian civs age ups possible.

if tech buildings had a silver glow when they are researching that would be interesting, but not what I’m proposing in this thread.

in aoe4 you can visually scout which wing the Abbasids are aging up with, and see which landmark others are aging up with as well. but I’m not sure how that would translate to aoe3.

on launch you could actually see the separate military and economic score through a simple mod, though it was quickly removed.

I got a little wrong, but good. This would be a good task for ‘stealth’ or ‘view stealth’ type units.

it would definitely be interesting to see espionage play out with current spies and ninjas. stealth in, see if opponent is making ghurkas or sepoys.

power through utility and information gathering is a good thing to add to units that are underutilized, and that type of power reminds me of starcraft and other great rts in a good way.

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