Scroll down servers issue and crash issue

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  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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i am one of your oldest players ever, since im playing more than 20 years this game. so i know all of the problems ever been in your games

first issue,
When the list of server are refresh everytime or when a new server is issued, the screen jumps up.
so lets say i am scrolling down the list of servers, and a new server is on…the list will jump up.
thats an issue when u want to scroll down and look for your right server without it jumping up every 3 seconds!!!
please fix this stupid problem.

second thing - and old issue you never manage to solve, i played 40 minutes treaty and the game just go out to windows and crash , and don’t ask me if my pc is strong because i am playing many new pc games with gamers laptop and they all running on ultra high perfect…so it’s again as it used to be from 2005 with the servers, same issue as it always been with big armies in a treaty game.


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yes thats the problem
its jumping up alone