Searching For A Successor To Utilize The Teutons' "Healing Fortress" Formation/s In High Level Play

As a start to the conversation:

In the scenario editor create a group of
29 Teutonic Knights, 21 Hand Canoneers, and 10 monks- put this group of 60 as htky group 1- square formation, stand ground.

On the enemy side place 120 paladins of any faction.

After testing this, message me here and we’ll talk about ways to add onto the Teutonic Healing Fortress’ entourage and talk tactics.

Basic Support Formations -
20 Teutonic Knights htky 2
20-30 palladins htky 3
3-9 bombard canons htky 4
2-10 seige onagers htky 5 (no attack stance)
30-40 Elite Skirmishers htky?
1 castle+4keeps filled with 60 hand canoneers

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