Season 5 pup preview!

They said in the patch Notes “terrain improvements” with new textures. I would ask" could we see the the same improvements also for the unit models and buildings?

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This is what i am most hyped for. Thank you devs!

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i played, nothing bad happens actually…

new graphics are super cool!


The improved specular does help I think, but it’d be nice to zoom in more to see better.

(I’ve always wanted more zoom in, for the record)

they improved unit materials, for example maa look like they have actual metal armour now, check it out

Basically, if they returned the cavalry to the Mongol but with a new unit

Great changes overall. I just hope the devs eventually change the design of the buildings to not look so disproportionate as it is today (or give an option for the ones that do not like how it is today).


Bravo to the devs. The updated visuals look so much better. It’s nice to see some actual detail in cliffs now.


I’ve got to say this is what I expected in 2021.


yes! i made a thread already about it looks soooo cool!


most of these should be available upon release when charging the full price. well its all in the past now so what can we do other than talk about it. lets hope none of the units still float around, we’ll see.

hopefully siege clipping was addressed

Nope. Just tested bombards and trebs, they still don’t follow terrain as the Ottoman bombard does.

Chicken and horses in buildings are still frozen too.

Yeah, the cliffs were early 2000’s game textures at best before, seriously. They are still not perfect but much, much better. Like I said, it’s weird that bump mapping hasn’t been implemented anywhere that I can see.

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among all those changes hre one made me laugh :smiley: why is it like that :smiley:
also lets add this video too:


We’re pushing an update shortly (now-ish?) that should help with this.


Awesome, thanks pal! I just played one match against the AI and it was fine. I’m actually impressed as the AI was considerably harder to beat, splitting their army more often and more strategically.

Man, this beats the Malian/Ottoman update as the best changes to AoE4 since release. Nothing but compliments to all devs who worked hard on this.


The new horseman for Delhi seems to be bugged. There are times when it switches to a polearm when attacking an opponent (bug doesn’t occur when attacking animals/wolves).

Speech to text voice chat is quite convenient. Although, at times it chats the unit voice lines. For example when an English worker say “I’m ya worka.” the chat will say “worker”. Even small giggles will be interpreted as “and” or “at”.

Empire Wars feels like a ########### of fast castling into spam units. Not my cup of tea.

I like Empire Wars

Those who don’t know, EE2 could choose 4 types of ways to start the game and each one with three compositions: standard, aggressive and defensive, giving a total of 12 ways to start the game.

very innovative for the time it came out

Well, It is time to reinstall, this is a quality patch, some day I hope to see siege with proper crew and a different system for water play.