Season 5 pup preview!



I really liked the new changes and that the devs were taking advantage of the textures of different base units that are different enough to create new unique units with a historical context.

Well, the abbasides finally got their romper back in Ghilman mode (slave soldier and mercenary). I love that it costs more gold, showing the mercenary side of him.

The Gazid is an Islamic raiding unit, usually given to soldiers participating in a razzia, or looting military skirmish. If it was given to the Delhi Sultanate, it is probably because of the legendary figure “Ghazi Saiyyad Salar Masud”, which by the way, the “Ghazi” in his name is an adjective. In fact several sultans of Delhi later acquired this title, so it is a useful designation for the unique unity of this civilization, especially noting that they are Islamic and not Hindu.

– On the other hand, I think it’s also a bonus considering that Delhi lacked a combo against early HRE or English “men-at-arms”, but now already has feudal counter with anti-heavy bonus.

– In addition, they need a normal 2nd unique unit (not counting the Sultan’s Elephant, which would be the 3rd) to differentiate themselves from new Civs with elephants, since apparently the creators could take India as the next Civ, perhaps as the Vijayanagara Empire, and then there will be 2 civs with heavy elephants, leaving the Delhi Sultanate with the scholar as their only unit, while the Indians would have the Chakrams thrower, Urumi Swordmen, Kata swordmen, and their religious unit.

I like the Keshik, because it reminds me of the tartar unit, in theory it means “brave”* (UPDATE: Keshik means "blessed", sorry, I mistaken the correct word) and it makes sense, but…

REVELATION: Noooo!, my new concept was going to include the Keshick as a tartar unique unit… well, I think it’s more obvious which civ I was going to do, right? (T*m**ds), Well, too bad, I guess I’ll give it another name for the unique units. Lately I have been inspired a lot, and I already have 3 CONCEPTS: Inca, Aztec, and that other one. I don’t know which one to take out first, possibly the one that gives me less time and the one that finds beautiful drawings to go with.

CHANGES TO SOME CONCEPTS: Now that not all civs should have spearmen and knights, it can’t be that the Japanese spearman of my concept is better than the Mongolian Keshik, "wouldn’t make sense" (with all due respect to Japan, their cavalry did not have heavy bardeo, the Mongolian did).

That being the case, as another user suggested, I’d probably consider the Umamawari a unique Japanese unit: Umamawari: “Heavy cavalry with less stats and armor than normal, but more attack speed. Generates an aura that increases the movement speed of your infantry (similar to Sofa and probably as an extra to develop).”

Also, Ghazid made me consider that in my “Castile” concept, the “Rider” unit should no longer be so limited and can have better stats than normal without problem, apart from throwing a spear frequently. The Almogavar on the other hand could function like the Spanish scout, as a Mali scout: shock infantry that annoys villagers in feudal, and is weak to spearmen and heavy units.

1st it is not Tatar Unit. Well in AOE2 it is. But historically it is a Mongol unit.

2nd it does not mean brave at all.

Kheshigten means - Loyal Imperial Guards.
Mongol Khan specifically selected this specific unit personally by testing them.
Only the most skilled warriors were chosen and received a blessing (kheshig) gold etc from Khan.
This is why it is named Kheshig.

The word Kheshig means Blessing, but in the army, they are Loyal Imperial Guards.

So basically this patch made some renames and some vissuals mostly, plus changes of some stats.

Mechanics doesnt feel different.

When I read about Delhi I expected elephant to be that monster splash dmg, stomp unit but looks like meh.

This faith for abbasid is useless in age 4, there are 100 units you waste 5 sec to cenvert one, if you try to micro your priest just for this few steal you will be dead. Expected more on the religion side.

Eco was already not bad, at least for me and they keep changing the economics for the civs while battles are the problem.

For me at least they are really boring to watch, but everyone have their own opinion.

Don’t see single new mechanics that will make the game more interesting to watch and play.

At least they did something, still better than nothing.

I hope on next patches they will focus more on units, abilities and mechanics battle wise, until then ill probably come to check the forums from time to time.

Props to the devs, changes were made, so keep going !

I agree, they really need to improve combat and battle mechanics.
Units really need some love, especially combat animations.
For instance, horsemen’s normal attack animations are horrible, it needs some kind of force (visually).
Elephant melee tusk animation is also not noticeable. It barely moves its neck and is not satisfying to watch. We all know how the Lord of the Rings movie did elephant tusk animation outside Minas Tirith.

Also, pathing needs to be improved. Units get stuck a lot in between buildings and it is common to create choke points/

I don’t mean animations.

I don’t care so much graphics or animations even when I have expensive PC.

I can play on low and have fun if battles were interesting.

I know some people want beautifull and realistic graphics, but when the battles are dull and boring I don’t care even if the game is made on real engine 5 I still won’t play it.

You said fun battles, so I thought combat animations.
But now I think you are talking about balance?

I am talking about unit mechanics, i want constantly to do some stuff with them, more complex fighting expirience.

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kheshig sounds like cut

I already suspected :wink:

Yes, thanks for the clarification of the adjective, I mixed up the words. I already put the clarification in an UPDATE.

If I didn’t go into more information about the Keshigten, it was so as not to reveal the name of my concept, but anyway, I guess it’s better to reveal everything than to give people a bad impression of the unit’s history.

Indeed is a Mongolian unit, and on top of “Royal Guard”, which has existed since the beginning of the Mongolian empire (I guess that’s why it is now an “Early Unit” of feudal) . This gives an open letter to be able to create new units from the royal guards of next civs, if another unique unit is not available.

In fact, it is normal that it is a Mongolian unit for the Tatars in Aoe2, because the term Tatar is not a people, but a convenient denomination to refer to all “Turkish-Mongolian” peoples, Mongols or only Turks, etc, that were between Kievan Rus and China. They practically used the unit for the Cuman campaign, to represent the Mongol royal guard made up of the conquered Turco-Mongols. Although they use it in that sense in campaigns, regardless of whether they used the Keshik or not, the tartar civs was also used to represent a real civ:

  • The Tatars of Aoe2, apart from the Turco-Mongols, in their architecture and bonds are based on the Mongols of the “Timurid Empire”, which culturally separated from the semi-nomadic Mongolian and Chinese Yuan dynasty, by creating their own style of architecture based on the one that the Persians had their slaves.

  • The "Timurid empire had nomadic Mongol units from the Chagatai Khaganate combined with the units of the civs they conquered, plus Timur’s own inventing ones (such as the Bactrian Camelry and the Bactrian Camelry on fire). It’s going to be hilarious in my opinion.

  • They differed from the Mongols of the Russian campaign (The Golden Horde), because the rulers of the Timurid dynasty were sedentary, politically they functioned as Islamic rulers (their religious unit would be the Iman), the Mongol soldiers at their disposal were simple pawns and not part of the town (which they were in other khaganates), and Tamerlan practically makes the Civ. alone.

Well, now I need another name for the “Lancer” in the Timurid Civ Concepto ¿Somebody has any ideas? If not, I better hurry to put my Aztecs concept, where I already have almost all the images, before the season 5 update comes out.

PS: Does anyone know if you can still complete the Villager Week challenges with the preview installed, or are they disabled? I remember that due to the previous patch preview, you couldn’t complete the challenges or masteries. Warn those who didn’t unlock all the villager icons to hurry up before trying the preview.

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European civilizations used “Tatar” to brainwash their people through religion during the Mongol invasion.
In Bible, TARTARUS meant devil, so they always called the Mongols “Tatars” in Europe.

great, another early heavy cav faction.

Team games really needed this.

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Am I the only one feel Keshik is actually a nerf to Mongols?

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Yes and no. I feel Mongo is way better in feudal now but less effective in longer games because I think keshik are strong in small fights but worse in Endgame. They got dmg in imp like a castle knight and lower hp. Ofc they heal but in castle and imp they get more destroyed by xbows and hc. But I tested not that much right now.


In season 4 Mongol loss in feudal, now they loss in Castle age. No one with dark age spears will afraid of Keshiks, 145 hp is too low, even lower than sipahi(160 hp) now.

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Although it lacks QoL tools, a better interface and some content, I think they have made a good patch.

What worries me is that the direction is going to be that there are many unique units (I like that they have special abilities) and many technologies per civilization, knowing that more and more civilizations will come out in the future. I also don’t want the game to break balance by adding and adding like it did in AoE3.

Agree. Too many unique units takes out some of the magic of the game.

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But you need to break balance to make an omelette.

What they’re currently doing is meant to be done in the prototyping phase, where you’re measuring designs against each other to make the civilizations fun or interesting to play in the gameplay environment. Adding new units and changing up fundamental parts of civilizations IS going to break balance.

But, balance isn’t design. It isn’t thoughtful. Balance is what you achieve after-the-fact. It is the ironing phase, after everything is done with. Balance will be broken when making big changes, but that isn’t to say that one should avoid breaking balance when making changes. For that would restrict the creative process and the entire point of changing things up.

My point here is that; it will be broken, but balance can always be restored. And so, don’t be upset about them doing this.


If the omelette has more than 150 ingredients, there is no balance that can adjust it and there are already cases of omelettes like this.

The variety of units, buildings, bonuses and strategic builds is important, but if we want there to be fun for the player who loses and the player who wins and they can understand the game, the good thing is that the devs don’t go to the design of 9 unique units per civilization, 15 unique technologies and very complex mechanics.