Season One patch is awesome!

Season One patch notes

I think this patch is by far the best one yet. It improves almost every single aspect of the game.

Better civ balance.
Civs have more options (especially HRE).
Much better hotkey system.
Improved Maps.
Really good modding tools.

It is the same game, but much better. Really looking forward to Ranked next week.


Good update. Thank you very much developers :slight_smile:


And what…

The game is still the same waste as in the beginning …

I don’t play …

The developers screwed up the whole game.

Yes this patch is very good, i really like it.


Some of the screenshots in the patch notes seem to indicate there’s more zoom out now? Is that right?
I mean the megarandom map screenshots in the patch notes.

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Poor Delhiboys, still no big drive to use elephants in every game.

It is the day that I must move on to Mongololos. :frowning:

I have downloaded the latest update… but still cant play ranked?? Says No active season???
What is up with that? almost 6 months after launch

Ranked is activated next week.


I agree I like this patch but in terms of balance the English are probably too buff with the man-at-arms and Chinese I’m waiting to see if the buff is not too strong

English was the weakest civ before the patch with 38% winrate at 1600+ ELO.

They are better now but they are mid-tier civ at best, probably still one of the weaker civs.

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Now they need to really focus on “quality of life” updates. Mabe start working on a new CIV and some new units as well.
p.s if something dose shows up on new patch that game breaking then hotfix it asap please. Dont make us wait a month for a game breaking bug


so basically everything? what must they not focus on then?

i agree they need to fix everything and release more civs and units, but i dont understand the point of this?

with aoe2’s indian DLC on the way, looks like you can rock eles when it drops

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Honestly that update isna full 10/10. My friends and I had some hilarious time today playing with the explosive sheep mod and playing around with dome other mods too. I am really looking forward for the ranked next week.
Keep up the great job devs!


Just was saying the new patch was good and in the right direction. Hope they keep it up and ramp up on all the other things the games needs to be a success.
Lots of work im sure


Aw, rad. This game needs a greater focus on Civ identity units like that.

it’s buggy, unoptimized and cluttered but neat in some ways i guess

I am an old fart, can you please tell me how to download this!!

Are you on steam or Microsoft store?
If your on steam it will automatically make you update the game before you can play. I think Microsoft store will do that too but you might have to manually update the game.
How to update on Microsoft store

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Great update! I cant wait for the next DLC

How are the Civs now?