Secondary Unique Units (Just for fun discussion)

Some of the aoe2 civs have UU that are perfect for them. For example Britons Longbow man. Some are nice but the design is odd for example Saracens Mamluks who didn’t necessarily rode camels. While some at least in my opinion aren’t a good fit for example French throwing axeman.

So if Aoe2de civs can have some other unique units what do you think those should be? Also some of the original aok civs can use little bit more flavour.

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Legionar for byza <3 first thing that comes to mind. There is a mod and i use it vs ai sometimes

I think they were a thing, but not like what the game shows you.

No, Legionare is Roman, is Ancient Period.
For Byz, first and only, Varangian Guard.


Yup, they were a thing - before the franks used cavalry tho.
I would give then a Voulgier for second UU, considering high/late middle ages. Basically “pikemans”, but with an different weapon - a voulge.


Francisca Throwing Axemen was a thing in the Iron Age and Classical Antiquity, not the Middle Ages.

They belonged in AoE1. in AoE2, the Franks should have got the Norman Axeman, with a Poleaxe that could “cleave a man in twain” according to the historical legends.

Voulgier or a Lancer would also be good options.

Legionary would have been antiquated for the time. If Byzantines were to get a secondary UU, then Fire Syphons, Flame Lances and the legendary Varangian Guard would be far more suitable, then Legionaries.

By the Middle Ages, Byzantine Legionaries were indistinguishable to any other eastern mediterranean Heavy Infantry, and did not have a specific unique look.


If there are more uus added I would like to see them represent different eras or branched out faction from the umbrella civis.
EG. Byzantines Catapract and Varangians,cat being classical byz and other unit 13th century.
Indians EA and south indian unit to fix north south empires.
Teutons TK for the teutonic order and a landksnet for HRE.
Celts WR unit for dark age and highlander like unit for the 16th century.

If we go with history then delete mayans from game. Thwy didnt exist when spanish came and they didnt exist at the se time as aztec did. Byza used legions and legionars as theyr army + other things so it couls be possible :slight_smile:
Legionary just meant a proffesional solider so they named them that even in byza army.
Catapract is just a heavy cav that could use lances/sword, used by many others

mayans did exist in medieval period. The fall of Nojpetén, the last Maya city, took place in 1697. But Maya people persisted after that as well.


few cities did most did not so what is your point?


Few cities wich didnt call themself maya did. Mayan EMPIER fell about year 900.
Roman empier survived to about 1450 and we dont have it in game?

Go read some history.

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i study history few cities that werent connected is not an empier. Most of theyr activity ended by 900 it also say that on wiki. 11

Mayan is a people which are still active.
This game has goths celts huns which are not active in the middle ages.Not all the civis in game had empires or eemperors eg.korean celts.
Youur argument is invalid and wrong.


Italian city states, why are they in game?

you didn’t even click the link before replying. it was not showing 1 click.

What about Post Classical Mayapan?

well what is this?


ok so then where are romans?
Ok maybe you both did not understand my argument was that byza used legions (proffesional army) in theyr army, i was responding to some one thatsaid this would not fit history.
Maya started to colapse becous they split up and they had few kings. culture of the maya did not survive. The people were maya and i like that they are in the game but if we only whanted history of the game few of thoes that you listed shouldnt be in the game but i like that they added them becous they are really important for history :smiley:

You have the successors of Romans in game.
Italians (obviously), Byzantines (Eastern Roman Empire), Franks (Holy Roman Empire). How many more Romans do you need?


yeah they split up and became other states and empiers, hmmm like if you took cities with different kings that were colapisng and name them maya