Selecteed Villager is at two grids from blue bar

The selected villager should be right under his blue life bar. When I play my villagers are about two grids from the bar. I am on build 33164.

Note the lady villager on the farm near the town Center. By the way the game is playble but it is really difficut.

With being said I would like to opoint some things out. Right now this application is buggy piece of __________. You fill in blank. It has not mutured at all. I have 4 evnings when game would not launch or play. Plus I ive a rural area with Satellite internet. It cost me over $60 ini data to get this half way running app. I was programmer at hospital 20 years ago. Had I pushed piece buggy crap like this I would have been expected to work 24 hours a day seven days a week until the software was working or removed. Then most like they would have kicked my ■■■ to the curb. I am not a Microsoft progammer nor are they payingme to be Beta Tester. I want this to work but I am beginning to wonder. Who’s taking the heat forr this mess?


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