Sending more than 1 villager to work on/create a farm results in none working on it

Game version:

  • Build: 46777 (the bug was also present in former build)
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating system: Windows 10


Assigning multiple villagers (at least two) to work on the same farm tends to have none of them work on it at all.

Reproduction steps:

The bug may not reveal itself the first time when attempting to replicate it. Usually it requires two attempts.

  1. Start a game in which you have at least two villagers, one farm and a town centre/granary.
  2. Select the villagers and assign them to work on the farm (not one by one, but all at the same time).


  • build 38862:
    FarmswithFood (2)
  • build 46777:
    Nueva imagen

Also, when trying to build a farm having selected several villagers, at the end of the construction none of the villagers start working on said farm.

Screenshot from Glory of Greece 8: Alexander the Great


  • Three villagers refused to work on a recently built farm (the one on the right).
  • It was not possible to force any of the surrounding villagers to work on said farm.
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Deleting farms and building them again seems like the only way to make farmers work in some cases… this issue happened again yesterday to me in The first punic war 3: The battle of Tunis.