September-October Screenshot Contest!

The Blind Samurai


wow it’s even better than i thought it would be


Thank you, unfortunately the compression was a bit too much this time on the site.

It is that the drawing did not give many expectations. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That was a masterpiece, don’t know what you talking about. :grin:

Hi everyone!
I shared this topic with the rest of the Tantalus team today and we couldn’t believe that some of these were taken in the same game we look at nearly every day! :dizzy_face:
(I previously shared the last batch from Screenshot Contest as well!)

We love seeing these. Please keep creating. :heart:

P.S. I’m looking forward some spooky ones around Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:


you heard the man its time to get spooky with it!

Night lightning, ducks are basically invisible, but they are there.

Day Lightning:


It is one of the things that I did not like about AOE-4, the absence of this type of detail. Only the fields and meadows look natural.


it’s a little hard to say, since we haven’t yet seen the scenario editor for aoe4. Also remember than when aoe3 vanilla came out, there were far fewer units, embellishments, buildings, nature elements, etc in the scenario editor. It’s only because aoe3 has gone through twc, tad, DE, and the expansions that it’s so rich. I definitely prefer the AoE3 art style, but that might be just because I am used to it. Neither aoe3 nor aoe4 units look “realistic”, both are cartoonish in different ways.

I don’t want to turn this forum into a discussion forum, but AOE-3 base had many more elements in proportion to AOE-4 (Mentioning only gaia). There is no need to enter the editor. In standard games you can take attractive screenshots.

If necessary, I will make a topic of discussion so as not to detract from the purpose of this forum


Long live Ensemble Studios! Current devs have done a lot of things right too ofc, I still think they could benefit from rehiring some former members from ES for both practical and creative elements. It also shows respect for their work.


back on topic:

Trick or Treat at the Governor’s Mansion!


nice one, how did you produce different kind of pumpkins?

crates: squash, crates: squash large, and PROP: colony gets you the reaaally big one

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Thanks, i will try a halloween theme in these days.

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Abandoned Halloween Cabin in the Woods


You Should Not Have Come Here


The Djinn at the Well


wait, if you screenshot directly on the editor, how do you play the animation?