Seriously, please remove Sweden

From the play record of Drongo

As even most of Sweden players insisted Sweden is just “fine” and “balance”, with their excuse Sweden is even weak between top players.
Now Drongo has already successfully beaten the top player with Sweden. Even Sweden is staying at the weakest timing age2 as we all known, not necessary to age up 3 or 4?
So can this mean the civ is already really broken?

Non-Sweden player was happy from previous patch and finally thought the game tended to real balance, but the good time was short and everything returns even worse.


I have been saying this, remove swedes and allow a tommynator to spawn in game

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Is this a new trending 11?
In aoe2 peopel want even Cumans removed despite being nerfed, then the new civs, now in aoe3 remove sweden…


I guess the trend is:
-Sweden gets a nerf - you murdered sweden please put it back like it was
-Devs put it back like it was - OmG remove sweden too OP

People like to complain


Yes the previous patch Sweden is much better and can be said as fine.

However Sweden players got used to that OP power and complaint, now finally can’t solve.

I mean sweden was truly OP at release, despite I don’t play aoe3 as much as aoe2, reading the changes I think they are fine now.

This trending in fact is taking force in aoe2 lol, go and check this:

But now you look right now in the aoe 2 section some say that aoe2 isn’t aoe2 anymore 11.
TL DR, for both games we are getting a better balance (The new civs of aoe2 are clearly OP but are going to be nerfed for sure).

Because nerf Sweden will make Sweden players dissatisfy again, just keep on arguing.
So just remove it. All happy.

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Do you want to set a precedent for actually removing a civ? cause there are a lot of people that want Japan , China, Lakota, Russia, Port removed as well


The civs u mentioned are not created by this dev and they didn’t break the game like Sweden and dev can’t solve Sweden balance with such fail design after de was released for 4 months.
Also even Sweden was OP as leading all top voting rate in 1v1/team game/treaty, and there were still many Sweden players to ignore the balance just want their main civ can continue the most OP.

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Moreover before Sweden was already making med noob level totally mess and Sweden players just jeep defending with excuse that top player can solve, until now even top player failed to solve.

Most of non-Sweden players I know have left this crazy game and I had already mentioned same situation before last year Christmas days.

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Created by this Dev or not they are in the same game now and can be removed all the same.

The game on RE was also broken with Otto and Haud being so OP and no one even bothered fixing it.

And if you have never seen a group of people not wanting their civ to be nerfed, I want to introduce you to the German special interest lobby on ESOC when Germany was the top civ

In case dev try to nerf, Sweden players rush out at once and cry Sweden was dead. Now who are unplayable?
U should make clear OP and unplayable.

Two unplayable group never satisfy. This is already main reason to remove this civ.

Tbh I just think that is because they are actually updating sweden, other civs have the same group but most of the time don’t even get the mention.

Look at china, its either unstoppable lame death ball or shitna as one pro player put it.

Same with Lakota, it was BR all day everyday or get rekt

Lets not even mention the Uhlan 190 vs 180 hp arguments.

Sweden was fine after the nerf. They still were a pain but I thought it was good. The nerf lasted all of 2 weeks before they switched it back. It was ridiculous.

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I’d hate to think that the most recent game I played vs Kaiser would be viewed in a vacuum. I’ll put the following thoughts out there, and posit that I would have beaten him prior to the most recent patch also:

  • Germany has always been a very favourable match up for Sweden, even with the nerfs, as they do not prioritise a siege unit before going semi FF (Japan with Ashigaru, French with musket etc) and subsequently I can reach max torps without any significant pressure or risk to torp numbers.
  • The build that I used is a timing attack specifically designed to hit before the German Cav Combat power spike hits.
  • I did not exploit / use any buffs that Sweden received other than the following things: Putting 5 torps on a single coin mine rather than 4 which was not possible in the previous patch. Creating a second torp in the first age rather than a TP (as the berry bush will last 10:00 now instead of 6:15) and having that torp receive a blueberry bush rather than no blueberry bush at all (essentially, I had 20 BB torps rather than 19 BB torps).

I played an incredibly fortunate game, picking up an 80 wood treasure and an 80 food treasure without any enemy pressure, I had amazing wood lines and guaranteed torp positions that ensured 0.35 wood trickle rate on all my early torps. I also defended all early pressure with my caroleans and didn’t lose any early villagers at all (at least until 13+ minutes, by which stage the game was well and truly over).

I also had a great map, as the natural choke points mean I can place my torps for line of sight and can ensure that all incoming raids are taken care of without the loss of villagers.

While Kaiser was able to take out 2 torps in the early game, and 7 caroleans, he lost 4 Uhlans, and while it may seem like a fair trade for him, it is far from it, as my economy out-scales his significantly whereas he relies on his larger shipments, so those caroleans and torps are easily replaced, whereas that is 4 Uhlans from his mass that he has lost forever.

Despite the Carolean nerf to ranged cavalry and scouting my double stable, he sent jaegers instead of black riders. Then due to being firstly caught out of position in the first fight, and having no Uhlans in the second fight, the final fight was very one sided.

The only relevant changes in the patch notes to this game were:

  • Somewhat relaxed the Torp’s placement restrictions
  • Increased the amount of food in spawned Berry Bushes from 125 :arrow_forward: 200 food.

That’s it.


so what? its like not salt and too much salt on your dish, woul dyou at a very salt dish?

Kaiserklein played way worse than he usually does, he lost 5 jaegers for free this game and was forced on a very awful fight.

By the time Aussie lost all his villagers the game was over, Kaiserklen already had lost all his military due to his blunder.

That said, Swedes were weak last patch but I think they got over-buffed. Their mid-game eco is insane right now.

I knew this is bad to you for taking your record as an example and I deeply apologize. I am also watching your videos and know that your comments is quite neutral.

However as you and Kaiser are famous players in this game and which most argument from the comments said Sweden is ok before nerf patch, is they are insisting “top players consider Sweden is fine and well balanced”, “they know how to fight against”, that leads this record becomes a powerful evidence to show to these people their idea is wrong.

As long as no more people only has subjective opinion to talk their feeling to make devs mess the balance, the argument to Sweden can finally stop.

  • No other nerfed civ players cried like that after they got their main civ nerfed.

To discuss Kaiser has mistakes or not, my point is what the record showed us, beginning the torps are hard to destroyed and the eco are even better; second no matter jaegar or black rider or WW skirm combination, they should be in upper hand to hussar musk combination due to speed and range.

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Ironically, Gustav II Adolf was an excellent military strategist.
Continuous wars allowed Sweden to rise, but it turned out that players rely on other economic influence to win the game.

They went down the wrong path with the first nerfs , now they back tracked a bit.

Now if they nerf caroleans so they are in line with other muskets, then sweeden age 2 will be in a somewhat balanced state.