Server Maintenance: September 10, 2021

This was the absolute best time to do maintenance. Seriously Chuck Norris himself could not have picked a better time. And you guys have also gone above and beyond by extending the maintenance. Thank you so much for all that you do!!! I love how we have the most awesome dev team in the world.


“Watch this channel for updates!”
haha, that’s funny! Maintenance is taking way longer than predicted and we get 0 updates…
I’m sure you guys can see the times and days that you get least users online, and I’m sure that’s not Friday night! Monday, anytime in the world, would be better than Friday!

Here is an update from an user (as we get none from devs):
Servers seems to be back now!

There is a lock in game which keeps extending the maintenance time by 30 minutes every 30 minutes. Wow, that is so awesome. Such accurate information. It doesnt mislead anyone at all!

Lets do a feature article in Forbes on how the AOE 2 DE dev team has developed the most transparent and accurate communication exchange with its community.

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Server Maintenance COMPLETE! If you experience any NEW issues as a result of the maintenance, please post them to this thread. If you cannot connect, please reach out to our Support team so they can work with you to investigate!

Enjoy your games!


Nice! you said ETA will be available shortly. and yet no eta was given, just left people waiting and just saying its done… 10/10
top tip: keep people in the loop


The ETA was visible in the game’s main menu.

i seeing on maintenace yet, im looking this error .

how can i fix it ? or the server really still down ?

And again, the devs don’t take time to reply to this.

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And still no ETA of the expected fix of the TG ratings.

Any chance someone from Microsoft could help with this login error? I cannot sign into my account for Age of Empires. It continues to show an error.

Gonna retake this post because the previous map pool was brought back for some reason

Can you please create a support ticket through for more assistance?

This should be fixed now.

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Yes is fixed, thanks a lot

The problem is still happening and I went to the link you sent and it says website error. Any chance that problem might be fixed yet?

If you aren’t able to get to that link you can navigate to the same page by selecting the Support button at the top of the screen on this page. Our support team will be able to look into your issue more to see what’s going on.

Please? I’m impatient.

Please create a support ticket for the quickest assistance.