Sharing my custom civ (2+ years work)

just wanted to share my own custom civ which has 200+ new unique techs and lots of new units too

The idea / concept of this civ is to have each age play out longer by adding lots of new stuff to dark-imperial age, but making advancing to the next age more expensive

You get every upgrade one age earlier, and unlock an additional “royal” upgrade in imperial age after researching the elite version

the civ can be downloaded by searching for “Enhanced Civs” and downloading both “Enhanced Civs Data” and “Enhanced Civs UI”

to make paying more to advance to the next age you get new techs aswell as having all eco ugprades available one age earlier (you pay 800food to advance just from dark to feudal age to balance that out)


the pagan shrine acts as early eco building with upgrades for hunting and longer lasting resources, aswell as increasing workrate of nearby villagers


scout gets replaced by a monk-hero-type unit that has area heal ability, as well as other effects, got the inspiration from:

cant get into every feature, but these are the main features of my civ mod :smile:


I moved this from the aoe3 section, to the age2 section for you :slight_smile: