Shift queue attacking with melee units is broken

  • BUILD #: 41855

As pointed out by Survivalist here, you cannot command melee units to attack with a shift queue when not on stand ground stance. This should not be intended.

And I highly doubt this relates to the patrol bug (also for aggressive and defensive stance). Please fix these long existing bugs. @GMEvangelos


Sometimes when I do scouts in feudal, I right click weak villager when escaping from spearman. Scouts tries to attack closest unit, spearman or high hp vil. We can’t give orders easily to melee units, it’s annoying.

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Yes. And that’s why pros always use stand ground. Pros have the APM to effectively use stand ground while raiding but amateur players don’t. It sucks.


This issue only seems to partially happen

When I try to reproduce it, some units respect the shift queue, some don’t.

example i have 4 militia, after killing the first target, half of the militia switch to the next target like intended, while 2 of them just randomly attack the closest thing to them.

Yeah this is a sporadic bug, which makes it harder to fix.

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Note that while this doesn’t affect most large-scale battles as much as it does those small fights, there is one use case where it is truly maddening: ram queuing and pathing. There is nothing I would like more than to be able to shift-queue a couple of targets with my siege rams. But it doesn’t happen.

I haven’t tried. But what if you set rams to stand ground?

I will definitely try that and report back. Most of the time they don’t need to be auto-attacking. Except when you’re late-game Celts in Arena steamrolling a slowpoke enemy’s base :wink:

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This is now even more broken, as you cannot shift queue attack with even stand ground. This happens since patch 50292 I believe. Can we expect a fix? @LidaKor @ChristheCo

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Hey everyone!
thanks a lot for this report, we are now tracking this bug in our system!
Have as great day

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